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Home » Maxim Prodan vs. Nicola Cristofori tops Milan on Feb 26 over ten rounds

Maxim Prodan vs. Nicola Cristofori tops Milan on Feb 26 over ten rounds

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On February 26 at Allianz Cloud in Milan, IBF International welterweight champion Maxim Prodan (18-0-1 with 14 KO) will defend against former Italian champion Nicola Cristofori (11-2-2 with 1 KO) over the 10 rounds distance in an event promoted by Opi Since 82-Matchroom-DAZN.

Maxim Prodan is well known in Milan where he fought 15 times at historic Principe theater, once at Superstudio Più and twice at Allianz Cloud and built a fan base win his aggressive fighting style. Nicola Cristofori is from Ferrara and is well known and followed by the local media in his hometown.

Both have been inactive for more than a year. Prodan’s last fight was a split decision win over Welsh Tony Dixon on October 25, 2019 in Milan.

Cristofori’s last fight was a points win over Ivica Gogosevic on September 20, 2019 in Schio. The Prodan-Cristofori showdown was scheduled for October 23, 2020 but Prodan tested positive to Covid-19.

Maxim Prodan is confident to win: “I have been waiting for too long to be back in the ring. Nicola Cristofori has a hit and run style, but he cannot run for ten rounds.

“I can close him in a corner and knock him out. I need to hit him only once to get the job done!”

Of course, Nicola Cristofori has another opinion about the outcome of the fight: “Prodan says that he will knock me out? Good for him that he is that confident. In Italy we say that between talking and doing there is the sea.

“I am used to fight aggressive punchers, I know how to handle them and therefore Prodan’s fighting style is perfect for me. I will become IBF International champion on February 26.”

At Allianz Cloud there will be three more titles on the line: Daniele Scardina (18-0 with 14 KO) will fight Cesar Nunez (Spain, 17-2-1 with 9 KO) for the vacant European Union super middleweight belt.

Italian welterweight champion Tobia Loriga (32-8-3 with 6 KOs) will defend against young lion Nicholas Esposito (13-0 with 5 KOs).

Featherweights Francesco Grandelli (14-1-1 with 2 KO) and Davide Tassi (11-0 with 5 KO) will fight for the vacant IBF International crown.