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Decision to strip Manny Pacquiao without a mandatory order appealed

Eight-weight world champion Manny Pacquiao is set to appeal the decision to strip him of his world welterweight title without ordering a mandatory.

The Games and Amusements Board (GAB) in the Philippines are firmly behind the ‘Pacman’ as the legend aims for reinstation.

It comes as MP Promotions Sean Gibbons confirmed last month that the organization responsible never ordered a mandatory fight.

Yordenis Ugas, who was the understudy to Pacquiao’s belt, was then elevated to ‘super’ champion in his place.

The GAB will now push those who made it happen to reverse it.

“GAB is mandated by law to champion the rights of every Filipino professional boxer at all times. That is why we are appealing to WBA to reconsider its decision,” Mitra explained to


“We are studying the WBA rules. We want to assist our good senator who may have to fight next.

“Also, we want to know from our partners in the WBA what particular documentation that we must have to comply with as WBA requirements, to regain the WBA belt, in case our Pinoy boxing champ opts to.”

Yordenis Ugas Manny Pacquiao

Ugas / MP8

WBN predicted back in October 2020 that Pacquiao would be stripped within six months if he did not put the title on the line.

“The World Boxing Association would have given Pacquiao a grace period due to the coronavirus stopping so many fights,” read a WBN article dated October 6, 2020.

“But they will want movement in the next six months or so. It’s highly doubtful that Pacquiao will be able to wait another year to defend the championship.

“At present, Yordinis Ugas is the ‘regular’ champion. The Cuban will want his shot at the full version to be recognized entirely as the real belt holder.

“Therefore, Pacquiao will undoubtedly have to face Ugas in 2021. If he doesn’t, the WBA will be forced to act and elevate Ugas to full titleholder.”


According to Gibbons, the only trouble with the outcome is that Pacquiao didn’t receive an order to face Ugas or face a final request.

Therefore, Ugas was able to take the strap away from Pacquiao without a fight. However, doubts crept in that Pacquiao would accept the Ugas battle.

But due to developments from the appeal, the GAB would have to prove this would have been the case or be the case shortly.

If they can’t, Ugas will remain champion and be in a position to unify with Errol Spence by the end of the year.

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