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Home » Teofimo Lopez names Ashley Theophane as toughest sparring

Teofimo Lopez names Ashley Theophane as toughest sparring

Pound for pound star and WBN Fighter of the Year 2020, Teofimo Lopez, says trading blows with a former Floyd Mayweather fighter was his toughest sparring.

Ashley Theophane, an experienced UK technician and ex-world title challenger, was given the lightweight king’s honor.

Lopez talked during an appearance on The Ak and Barak Show, where he discussed many other subjects.

Airing his views on Floyd Mayweather wanting to face 50 Cent and paying tribute to Muhammad Ali, Lopez was on great form.

See below for important notes from the interview that you can see in full on Sirius XM and DAZN.

Teofimo Lopez Floyd Mayweather

• Need to get the boxing video game out.
• Doesn’t like YouTubers making a professional career off of boxing.
• Professional and young fighters need their competition to go up.
• Nobody wants to lose to specific individuals.
• If he had to choose, he’d pick Toka Kahn as his theoretical easiest opponent.


• Ali means everything to him; he stood his ground and showed that you should stand up for what’s right and what you believe.
• Thinks Ali would still be highly respected if he were around for social media.
• Believes fighters should be more vocal and do it their way, but no one compares to Ali.
• Doesn’t have anything against women in combat sports and thinks they should be paid more for what they do; “You can have a house, but a woman makes it a home. Without women, who are we?”
• Has a date for the next fight but can’t announce it yet. What Lopez can tell is big things are happening, and people could be mad but stayed tuned.
• Says to watch out for May or June.


• Toughest sparring was against Ashley Theophane and said no one was an easy opponent.
• Floyd is ruining his legacy with the 50 Cent stuff.
• Brought his WBC belts onto the show and the certificates to prove them.
• Moved to Las Vegas.

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