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Home » AJ tops Manny Pacquiao, Deontay Wilder in boxing Instagram earner race

AJ tops Manny Pacquiao, Deontay Wilder in boxing Instagram earner race

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Anthony Joshua is ahead of former rival Deontay Wilder and legend Manny Pacquiao in the race to be Instagram’s biggest boxing earner.

Last week, news broke that Canadian boxer Mazlum Akdeniz is aiming for his seventh knockout win, as he is due to take to the ring last Friday.

He claimed a victory to move to 13-0.

The popularity of boxers has meant they are not just earning from the ring, but from social media too.

Inspired by this, experts at were intrigued to discover how much popular boxers could earn on average from sponsored Instagram posts.

By analyzing the boxers’ followers and calculating the worth of each follower to sponsors, was able to determine which boxing star is cashing in the most on Instagram*.

The top 10 results:

Boxer Followers Potential Instagram Earnings Per Post
Anthony Joshua 12,071,873  $51,542.51
Canelo Alvarez 7,799,676  $33,295.52
Manny Pacquiao 6,147,908  $26,245.51
Gennady Golovkin 4,056,802  $17,318.55
Tyson Fury 4,041,557  $17,256.22
Deontay Wilder 2,765,302  $11,807,01
Vasyl Lomachenko 1,920,786  $8,201.20
Oleksandr Usyk 1,057,798  $4,516.90
Errol Spence 736,527  $3,145.04
Terrence Crawford 655,063  $2,797.18

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is crowned the winner of Instagram! He not only has the most followers of all boxers on the list (12,071,873), but estimated figures suggest that he could earn a whopping $51,542.51 per sponsored Instagram post.

Following in second place is Mexican professional boxer, Canelo Alvarez. Having won multiple world championships, he has the second largest Instagram following of 7,799,676 and has the potential to earn $33,295.52.

Manny Pacquiao, who is regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time, lands third with his estimated earnings at $26,245.51.

Manny Pacquiao


Tyson Fury could earn an estimated average of $17,256.22 per post with his 4,041,557 followers – placing him fifth on the list. Deontay Wilder is sixth.

Rounding off the top 10 is Terrence Crawford, who could potentially earn $2,797.18 per Instagram post.

With his next fight in the bag, Mazlum Akdeniz didn’t make the top 10 and landed at number 25 out of a possible 26. He is estimated to earn a potential $50.58 per post.

* extracted the data from Instagram on the 3rd February 2021.

* used the formula that every follower is worth £0.00313. To work out the average estimated earnings, ManySpins simply multiplied the followers by the average cost per follower. These are estimations only, on the premise that all posts are sponsored/ads.

*Popular boxers were pulled from multiple sources including,, and