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Home » Bob Arum talks DAZN, Eddie Hearn, and Al Haymon’s spending power

Bob Arum talks DAZN, Eddie Hearn, and Al Haymon’s spending power

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Long-time promoter Bob Arum has discussed many of the ongoing topics in the sport, including the founding of DAZN and rivals Eddie Hearn and Al Haymon.

Arum, who turns 90 in 2021, continues to lead the sport with his Top Rank operation and ESPN ties.

In an interview with Sirius XM on the AK and Barak show, Arum aired his views on Hearn, Haymon, and even Don King.


Below is a summary of the chat. You can listen in full on Sirius XM or DAZN.


• Looks at Eddie Hearn as someone he likes. There are not that many areas of disagreement.
• Eddie came in with a lot of money from DAZN. He didn’t spend it as wisely as he could’ve. Of course, he had an impact, though.
• DAZN began on a shaky premise.
• There’s no real shoulder programming with DAZN because they have no platform for it.
• Remembers when Harold Smith was throwing out money like it was nothing, he had a significant impact for a while.
• Hearn operates in the same way he does and other promoters.

Bob Arum Eddie Hearn

Mark Robinson

• Promoters work for themselves and the fighters. That’s how it’s always been.
• Has seen over 65 years of people entering the US market spending a ton but failed to accomplish what they should.
• There aren’t many sports fans who would pay $100/year to watch the boxing fights and second tier MMA fight.


• Al Haymon of PBC got tremendous funding from a hedge fund. This hedge fund had a tremendous impact on raising purses. But eventually, the money disappeared.
• Don King has attacked him in the past.
• Ali had a tremendous impact. But the papers attacked him, and writers deemed his dialogue as unpatriotic.
• The two athletes that have had the most impact on social change are Ali and Jim Brown.

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