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The Boxing Terms You Should Know When Dating a Boxing fan

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Dating a boxing fan can seem boring to you if you don’t watch boxing, but dating a boxing fan is usually very exciting. Yes, he’ll mention it on the first date if he’s passionate about it.

The first date you have could be centered around boxing, so tenderfling shared his opinion on how best to prepare for such a date. You can learn some things about boxing below as well.

Ask About His Hobby

We’re sure we don’t have to tell you this, but just if you forgot – when you’re on a date, ask him what his hobby is. The famous saying states that women fall in love while listening to men. Most of that falling happens when they’re listening to men speaking about their passions. So don’t forget to ask about his hobbies on every date, especially on the first one.

Even if you don’t care about boxing at all, you’ll like the way he’ll talk about the sweet science of trading leather in a ring. Boxing fans are very passionate about their sport, and most of them are somehow involved with it. They either train it as a hobby, or they used to. In every case, dating a boxing fan means you’ll listen about hooks, jabs, slips, and other stuff that might bore you in the beginning. After a while, you’ll fall in love with boxing, so you’ll remind your boyfriend that Lomachenko is fighting soon. And when you do that to a boxing fan, you get his whole heart.

Prepare for Your Date

How many words mentioned in the last paragraph you didn’t understand? I can bet it’s 4 if you don’t know anything about boxing. Those are hooks, jabs, slips, and Lomachenko. Don’t worry; I’ll explain some boxing terms in the next paragraph. I just wanted to show you that preparing for your date is very important. If you find out you have a date with a boxing fan, you don’t want to show up without any knowledge. Knowing at least something will make you sparkle in his eyes like you’re made out of diamonds. So before I start explaining boxing terms, I’ll mention some names he’ll love to hear. Just ask when is the next fight in his favorite category, and a smile won’t leave his face.

  • Anthony Joshua – heavyweight champion of the world
  • Tyson Fury – the linear heavyweight champion of the world, famous for his highly technical boxing
  • Deontay Wilder – former heavyweight champion of the world, famous for his power
  • Vasyl Lomachenko – boxing superstar from Ukraine, former world champion with unmatched speed and footwork
  • Floyd Mayweather – arguably the best boxer ever with a score of 50-0 and amazing defense.

Now when you know some hot names of today’s boxing scene, you can read about boxing terms.

Boxing Terms

These are basic boxing terms that will be your path to the heart of every boxing fan:

  • lead (front) hand – a hand that’s closer to the opponent. For right-handed fighters, that’s usually the left hand. Used to control distance.
  • rear hand – hand that’s closer to your body. Used to cover the chin, body, and head. And to land some powerful punches.
  • jab – a straight punch with the lead hand
  • cross – s straight punch with the rear hand
  • hook – a punch that comes from the side. It’s performed by turning your body while swinging your arm (there is much more to it, ask your date to explain it, he’ll love that question)
  • uppercut – a punch that comes from below so it’s hard to see and defend
  • slip – defensive move used to avoid punches (mostly jabs). It’s performed by moving ahead slightly left or right to make the incoming punch(es) miss
  • perry – deflecting a punch in another direction. Usually, done with a hand (glove), but some fighters like Floyd Mayweather perry punches with their shoulders. Imagine this like that scene in Matrix when Neo avoids bullets.
  • blocking – using hands and arms to absorb punches to stop them from hitting the head or body
  • clinch – when you see two boxes hugging, that’s the clinch

After learning 10 basic boxing terms and some famous names, you’re ready for your date with a boxing fan.

Ask him who’s his favorite fighter, show interest, and he’ll fall for you as if Mike Tyson hit him.