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Home » Ryan Garcia warned on Manny Pacquiao, Yordenis Ugas urged to earn title

Ryan Garcia warned on Manny Pacquiao, Yordenis Ugas urged to earn title

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Manny Pacquiao will be too hot to handle for Ryan Garcia if the fight gets made this year. While the man who replaced him, Yordenis Ugas, has to earn his title.

That’s the view of welterweight contender and PBC commentator Shawn Porter.

‘Showtime’ Shawn checked in with Sirius XM recently for an interview with AK and Barak.

During the discussion, Porter covered many different topics, including the great Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight division, and Caleb Plant’s recent win.

Porter, a former two-time champion at the weight, also aired his views on Manny Pacquiao, Ugas taking his strap, and a potential catchweight battle with ‘King Ry.’

Below are all the major talking points. Listen in full at Sirius XM or watch on DAZN.


• Was called on Saturday asking him to work the fight that night. He had no prep time. They went live as he got there.
• He doesn’t mind people talking about what he’s wearing.
• Caleb Plant still well but thought he could do more.
• Plant didn’t scare off anyone like Benavidez or Canelo.
• The challenger in Truax is no stranger to the pro boxing game. He knew going in Truax was going to stay alive.
• You can’t take consistent shots against Canelo the way Plant did against Truax.
• Plant still has some things to work on to get to the Canelo level.
• Caleb Plant should be expected to get in the ring and beat Canelo.


• Ali called himself the greatest and performed that way. He then traveled the world and showcased that.
• When Ali walked into a room, everyone would stand up and clap until he sat down.
• No one dared to mess with Ali. You understood who he was.
• There will never be another Ali. Boxing was in a different place back then, and It was the most popular sport.
• You don’t have a lot of HW fighters right now who did it as a child then became great as a pro.


• Didn’t think Ugas could become a champ at WW. I didn’t know he had what it took to beat any of those guys.
• Ugas is a world champ because they’ve made him one, but who is he going to fight to earn it? He has to prove it.
• Spence-Ugas could be a big-time fight.
• Has to fight Terence Crawford for him to be fulfilled, satisfied. Already fought Spence.
• Garcia-Pacquiao: Ryan is in way over his head.

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