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WBN – World Boxing News secures rebrand and future investment deal

World Boxing News or WBN is pleased to announce changes and monetary backing to the long-running news outlet.

WBN can confirm significant investment in the site, which means Las Vegas, Nevada, becomes the main focus of attention.

Also, WBN can confirm that Boxing Writers Association of America member Phil Jay has agreed to stay on as Editor – for now. Jay will oversee an overhaul of policies.

Over the past decade, WBN has posted every single press release sent by any outlet and never turned down an article on an upcoming boxer – no matter where they are based.

WBN amends its focus more on the most prominent names and events for the foreseeable future.

Traffic has grown substantially for World Boxing News steadily since its inception in 2010, with most hits coming from America.

WBN will now focus on the top stars in boxing, emphasizing giving fans news on the most significant events.

WBN logo 2021

As announced this week, we will also cut ties with any organization that the boxing fraternity deems closed off to alterations. The World Boxing Association is the latest.

Until the WBA works on bettering themselves, we will no longer consider them a significant sanctioning body.

Social media erupted when WBN announced the move on the back of a heavyweight debacle that has been ongoing for years.

Sanctioning Bermane Stiverne, a former champion without a win in five years, was seen as the last straw.

WBN has also reached out to the WBC and the WBO to consider amending their practices with ‘Franchise’ and ‘Global’ titles in the future.


The WBO responded by clarifying exactly what the WBO ‘Global’ title is.

They told WBN: “The WBO Global title is a regional championship created to broaden up-and-coming fighters’ opportunities.

“It is primarily based in Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania, respectively.

“This does not mean that fighters from other geographic areas cannot contest such regional titles. But the regions mentioned above are granted priority.

“As you know, contesting for a regional title requires meeting specific criteria for further world rating consideration.

“Through the acquisition of a regional championship, fighters are granted exposure and further enhanced any and all future opportunities for their continued professional development.”

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman stated he’s hopeful the Franchise status afforded to Canelo Alvarez and Teofimo Lopez will eventually gain popularity.


Once a highlight of our intentions in the sport, sadly, posting all press releases is no longer viable.

WBN will cut down what is posted considerably after consultation with Editor Phil Jay and his small but loyal team.

It’s simply not feasible to have masses of releases on the site that can significantly downgrade SEO.

In a solidifying move, YouTubers and celebrities parading as bonafide boxers will still not gain mentions by name.


WBN enjoyed the sharpest rise of any boxing website in the world in 2020-21. World Boxing News had 21 million online views in the past year alone.

Overall, @worldboxingnews has had a social media presence of over 35 million views since January 2020. An unprecedented amount for an independent boxing website.

Views on Google are approaching 100 million.

In another significant switch, redirect any emails to [email protected]

The above address is also available for advertising inquires.

Those at the helm would like to add our regret that a large portion of media previously posted will no longer be available on

A complete brand will happen this year. The new logo previewed has already been designed and approved.

World Boxing News has had over one billion views since its inception in 2010. Follow us on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews and Twitter @worldboxingnews.