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Home » Lack of interest rumors hit Floyd Mayweather exhibition, delay possible

Lack of interest rumors hit Floyd Mayweather exhibition, delay possible

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Floyd Mayweather has been vocal in denying rumors about his love life lately. Now, the former pound for pound king may have to address whispers on his comeback.

WBN understands that his special exhibition on February 20th is about to be pushed back by at least a couple of months.

The reason for the decision is not yet out in the open, although low take-up of the pre-sale early pricing Pay Per View could be to blame.

Mayweather has teamed up with Fanmio to distribute his comeback from a two-year exhibition absence as the boxer takes on a YouTuber bereft of real boxing skills.

The fight is simply a weight issue interest bout due to Mayweather giving up fifty pounds against the lanky vlogger.

Fanmio and the ‘Money’ man were banking on this being enough to get sales to ‘record levels’ as they initially predicted the event could out-sell Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao.

Excrutiatinglity ambitious to begin with, ‘MayPac’ sold 4.6m PPV’s in the United States alone. 5.7m worldwide.

It’s improbable the show, even with concert-like entertainment, will sell anywhere near that total. Hence, the most likely reason for the delay.

Expectations are high if you read the synopsis alone on the Fanmio website.

“Undefeated, twelve-time, five-division boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather at 50-0 will take on social media sensation (YouTuber) in a ‘special exhibition boxing match’ that expects to make history.

“This is your chance to watch this must-see event live exclusively on Fanmio PPV.”

Even with prices starting as low as $24.99, accompanied by a gradual increase has done little to ramp up significant buzz.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram trending are low to non-existent.

Floyd Mayweather exhibition


Recently becoming a grandfather, Mayweather has hardly been visible in the gym. He’s too busy purchasing multi-million dollar roller-skating businesses and promoting his Girl Collection strip club on social media.

Either Mayweather or his opponent isn’t ready, or the organizers want to allow more time to ramp up their promotion.

As WBN reported last week, there’s been nothing major of note regarding getting the word out there about this ‘fight.’

No podcast appearances. Nothing on TV or social media from Mayweather, who has other more urgent things on his mind.

There’s more evidence on Mayweather’s socials about the fact he’s not engaged to be married to one of his stripper employees than any reminders regarding a forthcoming boxing match.

Who knows what the outcome will be. And if the event is in danger of being canceled altogether.

Maybe a new date will be announced soon? – Maybe it won’t.