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Floyd Mayweather joins Muhammad Ali in receiving highest WBC honor

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Floyd Mayweather has earned this highest honor possible with the most revered boxing sanctioning body joining the great Muhammad Ali.

Firstly, the World Boxing Council is honoring the stellar career of Floyd Mayweather by placing his picture on each of its famed Green and Gold Belts.

Floyd Mayweather takes a lifelong award due to his exceptional two decades in the pro ranks. His tenure included 50 bouts, having gone undefeated (27 knockouts), and winning WBC World Championships in 5 divisions.

He conquered at Super Featherweight, Lightweight, Super lightweight, Welterweight, and Super welterweight.

Floyd is loyal as well as a brilliantly successful WBC fighter. For him, Green and Gold have always come first and foremost.

“I’m honored to have the WBC include my likeness on their Green and Gold belts for eternity,” said Mayweather. “I remember the first time I won a WBC belt and saw the photos of the great champions on there and always wanted to be there too.

“It is a dream come true for me to be alongside the great Ali. Also, WBC founder Don Jose. To be recognized by them to contribute to the organization and the sport.

“I am beyond grateful to receive this honor.”

Floyd Mayweather
Chris Farina

The most accurate boxer recorded by Compubox, Floyd, is the very essence of precise punch delivery with the highest percentages while receiving the fewest number in return.

A master craftsman, he is famous for the shoulder roll and slipping punches and possessing unmatched intuitive ring generalship.

Floyd joins Muhammad Ali and Don Jose Sulaiman as the constant images on each WBC Green and Gold World Championship Belt.

Each weight category’s WBC World Championship belt features the two greatest champions of the division. The sixth picture is the one from the reigning champion.

Ali is known as “GOAT,” The Greatest of all time, Floyd as “TBE,” The Best Ever, and Don Jose, who modernized and gave the sport humanity together with revolutionized safety.

Jose is considered The Father of Modern Boxing.

The World Boxing Council, founded in Mexico City on February 14th, 1963, initially developed a black satin belt with a silver center plate during that decade.

The famed Green and Gold Belt first appeared in the 1970s and has significantly developed ever since. The evolution continues.

The WBC World Championship belt features a gold centerpiece with the official WBC logo and the acronym WBC incorporated within three circles of flags, which today number hundred seventy affiliated nations to the WBC.

Each belt, an original masterpiece, consists of Cleto Reyes leather and the handmade plaque manufactured by artisans from the Jurado workshop.

Their actual value is beyond monetary worth. It means Hope and Glory and represents the sacrifice boxers make to aspire to win it.

To win a Green and Gold Belt is the ambitious dream of every young boxer. Stemming from the very moment they first put on a pair of gloves.

For the very few that reach this summit of achievement, it`s the culmination of their desire, backed up by talent and total determination, expending blood, sweat, and tears.

Retaining that Belt and climbing higher into other divisions to win yet more is the preserve of but a handful of great champions.


Floyd`s career is fifty undefeated fights with twenty-seven KO`s. Floyd fought some tremendous opponents, overcoming them all.

Significantly, unlike other champions, Floyd`s abilities didn`t erode over time. He successfully moved up weight categories without glitches.

Mayweather retained his physical condition and his excellent skills.

Floyd also had the distinct and distinctive advantage of coming from a family of boxers, including his father, Floyd Sr., and Uncles Roger and Jeff.

They meticulously developed, tutored, honed, and certainly perfected Floyd`s consummate natural skills.

Floyd`s first championship was the WBC super featherweight belt. It came with a victory over Genaro “Chicanito” Hernandez, whose corner stopped the fight after eight rounds.

Years later, following a tremendously courageous battle against cancer, Genaro died in 2011. Floyd paid for his funeral.

Floyd Mayweather
Naoki Fukuda

Despite Genaro`s illness, he was a WBC Cares Volunteer visiting hospitals, donating presents, and encouraging young patients, often suffering from the same disease as him, not to give up and to battle on…often to the victory of recovery.

Floyd dominated the division defending the title eight times.

In his first fight against Jose Luis Castillo with the WBC lightweight title at stake, Floyd fought with a damaged left rotator cuff, sometimes switching to southpaw.

Floyd had a real battle on his hands but won a unanimous decision.

Following successful surgery, a healed Floyd won another unanimous decision against Castillo considerably more smoothly.

Floyd conquered the world’s notoriety when he challenged and defeated Arturo Gatti for The WBC super lightweight championship in a masterful performance.

Then came The WBC welterweight championship defeating Carlos Baldomir by unanimous decision.

He defeated WBC Super welterweight champion, Oscar de la Hoya as reigning welterweight champion challenged on the traditional Cinco de Mayo celebration.


Mayweather captured the unprecedented fifth WBC championship on such a glorious night.

Floyd’s career continued with excellent results as he reconquered WBC glory in Welterweight and Superwelter in years to follow.

Floyd did so by defeating Victor Ortiz, Miguel Cotto, Robert Guerrero, Canelo Alvarez, Maidana, Pacquiao, and Berto in WBC championship fights.

Floyd Mayweather enters The WBC championship belt for eternity as an homage to an illustrious career. Precisely in 2021, the year designated as “the year of boxing.”

Furthermore, the World Boxing Council is very proud Floyd`s image is now on our Green and Gold Belt.

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