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Five of the Most World-Famous Boxers of All-Time

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Boxing is a dangerous but spectacular sport. It is even more popular than the best mobile online casino. It also has many athletes who have the greatest number of fans. Here are the most famous boxers.   

Joe Louis

This American boxer was the first to win the heavyweight title of the world champion and held the title for almost 12 years. During that time, he had 25 brilliant defenses and the record still holds. He was voted boxer of the year four times by the Ring magazine, and in 2003, he topped the list of all-time great punchers. From 1934 to 1951, he fought 69 fights, including 66 wins and 52 knockouts. Joseph Louis is a true symbol of the United States.

Muhammad Ali

He is a winner of the 1960 Summer Olympics in the featherweight category, absolute world heavyweight champion, winner of the title of Boxer of the Year and the title of Boxer of the Decade.

The iconic American boxer, who had 61 fights, including 56 wins and 37 knockouts. For his height and weight, he moved easily on the ring. He greatly contributed to the sports and political life of the country, fought for the rights of blacks, refused to take part in the war against Vietnam, was deprived of the deserved titles and was suspended from competitions for three years. At the end of his career, he was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame and the International Boxing Hall of Fame. 

Sugar Ray Robinson

He was voted by the Ring magazine as the best boxer of all time regardless of weight classes. He began his professional career in 1940, but his last fight was in 1965. During this period he fought a fantastic 200 fights. He won 173 of them. Moreover, 108 of them were finished by knockout. Many authoritative sports publications give this fighter the top lines of their ratings. 

Mike Tyson

He is the Olympic champion among juniors in the first heavyweight category in 1982, the absolute world champion in the heavyweight category among professionals 1987-1990, and the world champion according to different professional boxing organizations.

The most famous American boxer, also the youngest ever outright world champion, holds the world record as the only outright champion to win three major titles one after the other. He is famous for his nine most swift knockouts from 8 seconds to a minute. During his career, he fought 58 fights, winning 50 of them, winning 44 by knockouts.

Jack Dempsey

He is an American boxer, nicknamed Manassa Mauler for his aggressive fighting style. He fought 83 fights, won 65 of them, and 51 of them by knock-out. He fought from 1914 till 1927. During seven years, he was an unsurpassed winner in his weight class.