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Home » Jessie Vargas talks Timothy Bradley controversy ‘I never wish it on anyone’

Jessie Vargas talks Timothy Bradley controversy ‘I never wish it on anyone’

Former world champion Jessie Vargas recently discussed one of the most painful memories from his career in a controversial match-up with Timothy Bradley.

Vargas rues the day back in 2015 when he believes he should have become a two-weight title-holder.

Appearing on The Ak and Barak Show,  Vargas spoke plenty about his controversial loss and why he doesn’t think a rematch with Adrien Broner will come to fruition.

He also offered his views on lightweight star Ryan Garcia’s star power and more.

Talking points:


– After knocking Bradley out and the referee stopped the fight, I was celebrating both my hands in the air.
About 5 minutes later, I was confused when the referee said he thought he heard the bell.
– I took off my gloves too, for I saw that this fight was a clear stoppage.
– After the fight, Pat Russell apologized, and I walked away from him.
– Once I got home, I was upset, for it felt like Pat took something huge away from me.

Jessie Vargas

Ed Mulholland


– Afterwards, I went to lawyers, WBO, CSAC- everyone searching for a rematch or declaration of no contest.
– I wish for all fighters to have the full three minutes and twelve rounds. But I never wish what happened to me upon anyone. I continue to move forward.
– I’m glad they allowed me to fight for the same title, and I got it done. It felt bittersweet winning the title.
– Pat Russell that night was doing his best to protect the fighters, and I saw him do that. I don’t know why he changed his mind afterward.
– Honestly, if Pat couldn’t hear the bell, then he shouldn’t referee at all. I still don’t know why he stopped the fight.
– I’m never going to forget that night, but I moved on forward in my life.


– If I am to come back, I’m fighting catchweight. But I cannot go back to 140 lbs.
– I love giving fans great fights- to come out and enjoy the action I deliver in the ring.
– I have been training. But I’m far away from 147 lbs. I plan to move up to 154lbs. My fight with Rivera will happen later this year, and that’ll be my debut in 154.


– On Ryan Garcia, he is a star. This kid is bringing is a broader audience from YouTubers to influences to fight fans. He’s carrying a more significant demographic to the sport of boxing.
– Ryan Garcia may transcend Oscar De La Hoya and Mayweather.
– With Wilder, I want to know what on earth happened to his rematch. Maybe he waited too long? I want to know.

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