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344lbs ‘Mountain’ Hafthor Bjornsson takes on boxer in exhibition

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Hafthor Bjornsson took compliments on how far his boxing skills had developed as ‘The Mountain’ took part in a fight despite weighing 344 pounds.

Outscaling his opponent, former cruiserweight contender Steven Ward, by 127 pounds, Bjornsson did well for three rounds.

Bjornsson is getting rounds in for his eagerly-anticipated battle with World’s Strongest Man rival Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall in September.

The pair will collide in Las Vegas for pugilistic bragging rights after years of going at it in the Strongman competition.

After his three-round draw with Ward, Bjornsson spoke about his experience in the ring.

“Steven is unbelievable. I doubt many people would want to step into a ring with someone my size,” Bjornsson told broadcasters Core Sports.

“Stevie has a big heart. To come here and do this exhibition with me means a lot. I needed that experience.

“Steven is the same height as my opponent in September, and this was great.

“I can’t wait to get home and keep training to get better. I’ve been training in this sport for six months. I have massive respect for anyone in boxing.

“But I know how much hard work goes into this. I had to put in so much hard work, and this is just the beginning.”


Opponent Ward added: “I’ve never seen a big man like that move so well.

“He hit me one shot, and it shook me to the boots. So I started running.

“It was great being back though. Thanks to everyone who came out.”

Due to animosity stemming from Hall winning his first World’s Strongest Man title controversially, this falls’ encounter will have significant interest.

It’s not often two giants will take up the sport to squash a beef, so hats off to both Bjornsson and Hall for signing on for a huge undertaking.

Hall is next inside the ropes against a boxer as he continues preparing for the Pay Per View event.

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