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Home » Hafthor Bjornsson ‘shakes’ boxer ‘to his boots’ in preparation for Eddie Hall

Hafthor Bjornsson ‘shakes’ boxer ‘to his boots’ in preparation for Eddie Hall

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Game of Thrones Hafthor Bjornsson competed in his first high-profile boxing bout this weekend as the World’s Strongest Man prepares to face rival Eddie Hall.

Bjornsson (344 lbs) boasted a 127-pounds weight advantage over ex-pro cruiserweight Steven Ward as the ‘Man Mountain’ scored a draw with the Irishman.

The Icelandic giant landed a solid blow in the second of three rounds against Ward as Bjornsson proved he had the agility and power needed to compete in exhibitions.

Ward was hurt later in the round but rallied in the third to catch Bjornsson with decent shots.

In the end, Bjornsson can count himself a little hard-done-by to not get the verdict.

Speaking to Core Sports after the bout, Ward gave an insight into just how hard the big man hits.

“I’ve never seen a big man like that move so well. He hit me one shot. It shook me to my boots.

“So, I started running. It was great being back, though. Thanks to everyone who came out.”

In September, heading to Las Vegas to meet his long-standing strongman rival Hall, nicknamed ‘The Beast,’ Bjornsson is happy to gain some rounds.

“I want the ring experience. The adrenaline rush you have before competing. I want to learn from my mistakes. And I want all these emotions before September,” he said.

“I want to learn from this. To get better from this. Even though this is an exhibition match, we want to go out and show our skills.

“It will be exciting. Knowing there are thousands and hopefully, millions will watch adds to it.”


On what he plans to do to Hall in Las Vegas later in the year, Bjornsson added: “I have one goal. Knocking one guy (Eddie Hall) out in September. I am training for that.”

Training videos on social media show just how seriously Bjornsson and Hall are taking the fight, which was due to take place in 2020.

Coronavirus conditions made it impossible to happen last year, leading to organizers’ decision to announce the 2021 battle with a year to spare.

Furthermore, Interest is set to peak over the coming weeks as Hall follows Bjornsson in taking on a pro boxer under exhibition conditions.