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Floyd Mayweather promotion for comeback non-existent as weeks remain

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is fighting on February 20th. Almost one month away, and not many in boxing circles seem to be aware of that fact.

Promotion for Mayweather’s comeback has been slim by any stretch of the imagination.

Usually, when campaigning on Showtime PPV, Floyd Mayweather would be splashed all over the internet and newspapers with just weeks remaining.

Whether it’s the pandemic or if there are doubts over the fight taking place – that’s anyone’s guess at the moment.

So far, there’s been no press tour – virtual or not, and certainly nothing to report in regards to any grudge match selling points.

Social media for both participants has been quiet by their standards. Who knows? – They might be training hard for the battle.

Regarding sales for the Pay Per View, Floyd Mayweather’s ‘special exhibition’ is now into tier three pricing.

Tier one was just $24.99 when the fight opened up. Once one million purchases happened, that would increase to $39.99.

Floyd Mayweather

It’s unknown if that was the case as the PPV price tag would always be the current $59.99 from December 29th onwards.

Mayweather certainly doesn’t seem too bothered about getting the word out there. His lack of movement could indicate that broadcasters Fanmio are happy with the way the fight is selling.

Whatever the case may be, it hasn’t stopped speculation on both sides of the coin.


The event will soon collapse, some say. While others believe Mayweather doesn’t need any promotion due to his reputation.

How hard Fanmio pushes the fight over the coming weeks will affirm one of those theories.

Ending a two-year hiatus from competing in any event, Mayweather is said to be planning more than just one show this year.

Recently becoming a grandpa and turning 44 a few days after returning to the ring, Mayweather is unfazed by any challenges. Including celebrity or MMA.

Floyd will be all ears under his new deal with the celebrity greeting app if there’s money to be made, preferably in the eight or nine-figure bracket.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is one name that stands out from the crowd. But judging by Mayweather’s next opponent, the five-weight champion could be planning on lining up all the YouTubers and taking them out one-by-one.

Hopefully, this is the case.

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