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‘This could be the moment’ all boxing belts are canceled

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has questioned what role the World Boxing Council and other historical organizations have to play in the future.

The British Head of Matchroom Boxing is seriously considering walking away from the four major sanctioning bodies.


Going back 57 years and held by legends such as Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather, the World Boxing Council and its members are a proud part of our sport.

But alongside the International Boxing Federation (IBF), the World Boxing Association (WBA), and the World Boxing Organization (WBO), the WBC’s days could now be numbered.

Disillusioned at paying out fees left, right, and center for his tens of boxing shows per year, Hearn is mulling over a revolution of sorts.

Speaking on the Sky Sports Toe-to-Toe Podcast recently, Hearn outlined his vision for a world without those who oversee the sport at the moment.

The Essex man also explained his reasons why this scenario has come about.

Teofimo Lopez

Mikey Williams

“This could be the moment,” Hearn told the Toe-to-Toe Podcast.

“I don’t like to threaten governing bodies. But at the moment, the people putting the money on the line, the people putting the risks on the line – outside of the people that are putting in real risks – the fighters are promoters.


“We’re putting the money up for the shows. We’re taking risks, and we’re making the losses. The governing bodies turn up saying, ‘Thank you very much’ (and take their money).”

All four influential organizations have faced open criticism due to the easy access to social media these days. They are always defending their decisions.

Hearn’s latest discussion will not help their cause, though, as the argument of ‘too many belts’ continues.

“With the governing bodies, we have to be a little bit careful because people are losing their patience. I speak to other promoters all the time.

Eddie Hearn Dave Allen Christopher Lovejoy

“There is a real movement with people spending their money with governing bodies saying at one point do we turn around and say, Alright, it’s a bold move, bye.

“Say there was a movement where people said, you know what we’re going to do now is either create our belt or leave the politics behind and make great fights.

“That’s a tough conversation to have with a fighter because your dream growing up was always to wear the green and gold belt or the IBF belt.

“You saw it with Leonard, Hagler, and Hearns. Now that could evaporate into thin air.


“Can you imagine being a young fighter being on the verge of fighting for a world title?

“A promoter comes to you and says, ‘Just to let you know, we’re making a stand now with (world title belts).’

“You box through that era where you might not get that part of history.

“For me, I like the governing bodies, and I love the belts (they offer). I love the history. I love the glory (of it). But I feel like this short period during the pandemic is a real switching movement where we’re going to see a lot of change,” he concluded.

In the same ilk as the UFC, talk of a Matchroom Boxing Championship is out there.

Indeed, it won’t come to that, and more than likely, an amicable agreement happens.

If it’s merely about paying the money and Hearn’s restrictions, something must take place above walking away for good.

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