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Home » NBA star Lamar Odom criticized for boxing bout despite SIX heart attacks

NBA star Lamar Odom criticized for boxing bout despite SIX heart attacks

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NBA star Lamar Odom has been criticized for signing up to box in a heavyweight exhibition despite having had six heart attacks.

Odom, 41, has struggled with substance abuse and depression after retiring from the sport. Despite this fact, the former Los Angeles Lakers star wants to fight.

Upon hearing Odom’s plans, a respected boxing promoter in Lou DiBella reminded the former sportsman that he’d also had TWELVE strokes.

DiBella was reacting to an announcement that the former reality TV cast member would fight on June 12.

“Six heart attacks, 12 strokes, severe memory loss, physically unable to participate in senior league basketball.

“Well, there’s always #boxing! The thought of this is vile,” said DiBella.

Odom’s medical history is sure to come under scrutiny before any boxing commission allows him in the ring, though.

Revealing what happened in an interview with comedian and Hollywood icon Kevin Hart a couple of years ago, Odom was candid with his struggle.

Lamar Odom Kevin Hart

(Kevin Hart – Cold as Balls – Season 2)

Hart: Is Lamar Odom entirely over the addiction side?

Odom: Yes.

Hart: How does that make you feel?

Odom: Great, bro. Every day I’m alive.

Hart: Yes, every day.

Odom: It’s a good day to be alive, considering the alternative.

Hart: 100 percent. Do you now realize how close to death you were?

Odom: Yeah, all my doctors that see me say I’m a walking miracle. I had 12 strokes and six heart attacks when I was in a coma.

Hart: …. God damn.


Another member of the basketball scene, Kendall Gill, spoke to the Ak and Barak Show to react to the great trying his hand at celebrity boxing.

Below are the best bits of what was said. Listen to the full interview on Sirius XM and DAZN now.

Basketball has suffered just like boxing due to the pandemic, but we’re starting now to turn a corner and getting “normal.”
I would not box Lamar Odom because I don’t want to hurt him.
NBA players are a fraternity. I’ve been boxing for 17 years, not just eight weeks like Nate Robinson.
I’ve sparred pros and have tremendous experience.
I know about boxing and truthfully don’t even want to see Lamar do it.
Unless you’ve been training for 4-5 years, you shouldn’t box. Look at what happened to Nate Robinson.
I give Lamar Odom credit, but this isn’t smart.
If Lamar fights someone on his level with little to no experience, I’d be OK with it.
I would fight (a YouTuber). He has some skills, and I do give him respect for getting in there.
I don’t knock (YouTuber) for KO’ing Nate Robinson but get in there with someone on your level, then let’s see how you do.
I told Nate two months before the fight that he’d get KO’d.

Odom is the latest to test the boxing waters after a YouTuber wiped out Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. heavyweight bill in November.

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