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Data shows which country has had most boxing world champions in history

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World Boxing News has received new research that reveals the United States has the most boxing world champions out of any country in the world.

The data was collated by JD, who found that the United States has 455 boxers who have won a world belt.

Perched on their crown well above the next pretender, the US boasts a royal 455 champions in the sport.

They include former greats such as Floyd Mayweather Jr., Mike Tyson, and Muhammad Ali. Also, current stars Caleb Plant, Jermell Charlo, and Errol Spence Jr.

Mexico followed the US, still a whopping 302 behind the States, with 153 world champions.

The only other country with over 100 individual world champions in the United Kingdom can lay claim to 101 prizefighters.

Of the top 10 countries to produce the most champion boxers, five come from Asia. The highest-ranked being Japan in fourth place with 82 fighters.

A further three come from North America, with those mentioned above top two plus Puerto Rico.

Two more from South America, Argentina, and Columbia, and one from Europe, the UK, make up the list.

JD’s research also found that Puerto Rico has the most world champions per capita.

Subsequently adjusted to the per one million people category, the North American country has the highest belt winners’ density.


An astonishing 16 in every 1 million being boxing world champion.

That mark is some way ahead of the next pretender, Panama, who can boast seven boxing world champions per one million people.

The Republic of Ireland is arriving third on the list, as the European country produces three boxing world champions per one million population.

Of the top 10 countries with the most boxing champions per one million population, the list sees North American domination.

Seven countries come from that continent. In addition to the two mentioned, there’s also Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, the US, Cuba, and Mexico.

Countries with a range of sizes and populations only highlight the strength of the sport in North America.

Europe follows this with two countries with a strong boxing heritage, the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Making up the top ten is one country from South America; Venezuela, which, statistically, produces a boxing world champion one out of every one million people.

The only two countries on the planet to have a world champion in each weight class are the UK and the US.

With long and proud boxing histories and diverse genetic pools, these factors enable these two heavyweight countries to produce prizefighters across all weight divisions.


Of the top ten countries with world champion boxers in the most weight classes, there’s a fair spread of continents from around the globe.

North America once again shows its prowess with four countries situated in the top ten. Added to the US and Puerto Rico are Mexico and Panama, which have winners in 15 and 14 classes.

There are three from Europe, Italy, and France – on 14 and 13 divisions each – alongside the UK.

In rounding out the top ten, there’s one-a-piece from Africa, Asia, and South America in the form of South Africa, the Philippines, and Columbia (all 13).

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