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Home » AJ’s ‘I’m a modern-day great’ claim met with funny Tyson Fury response

AJ’s ‘I’m a modern-day great’ claim met with funny Tyson Fury response

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Anthony Joshua labeling himself a heavyweight great on social media was met by a typically hilarious response from UK rival Tyson Fury.

Joshua posted two photos of training camp for a 2021 return to his vast and loyal followers, with words attached to his current status.

“A great modern-day fighter will be able to compete in any era,” AJ stated.

It didn’t take long for Fury to get involved.

“That’s you out of the window then, chump!”

Furthermore, he added: “A great? My arse! You got KTFO (knocked the f— out) by a chubby kid who had three weeks’ notice.

“You are great at looking good in pics. I must say whit whoo – xxx.”

Three-way talks are ongoing between Joshua, Fury, and Deontay Wilder. All sides hope to thrash out an amicable conclusion.

Wilder wants a contracted third fight that Fury says has expired. ‘The Gypsy King’ is hopeful of moving onto an undisputed heavyweight battle with Joshua this year.

It certainly seems a complicated process, and why Fury vs. Joshua hasn’t been able to get over the line – ever since the holiday season ended.

More will be revealed over the coming days and weeks as to whether Fury can bypass Wilder or indeed secure a deal to meet him again at a later date.


WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has already confirmed his desire to speak to Fury to clear up which path he will go down.

Fury is yet to defend any world heavyweight title in his possession, and the WBC is ready to ask the Briton to do so soon.

Sulaiman told Sirius XM this week: “Fury was supposed to do defense in December but canceled the plan.

“I haven’t heard anything as of yet. It’s time to get in communication with the camps.

“In conclusion, we will ask Fury what his plans are. His last fight was almost a year ago. We have been flexible and understanding, but they need to gauge what is next.”

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