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Home » Floyd Mayweather warned after claims he chose YouTuber to ‘beat up’

Floyd Mayweather warned after claims he chose YouTuber to ‘beat up’

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Former pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather has been accused of ‘choosing a YouTuber to beat up’ ahead of his February 20 return to the ring.

Mayweather is back in action against a vlogger fifty pounds heavier than him after striking a deal with celebrity greeting app Fanmio.

As the weeks count down to fight night, ex-opponent Victor Ortiz has been watching preparations from the other side of the Mayweather fence.

Friends with the man set to become Floyd’s latest victim, Ortiz warned the WBN Fighter of the Decade about thinking the fight will be a walk in the park.

“(Floyd Mayweather) found a YouTuber. That sounds easy enough for a 20-time world champion,” Ortiz told MMA Fighting. “Alright, let’s beat him up.

“But what I’ve been watching and seeing is a YouTuber gone professional boxer who puts in hours and hours of work studying films.

“He’s very disciplined. And he’s working his butt off. He listens. Also, he has a heck of a coach (Milton Lacroix) who’s very knowledgeable and experienced.

“I believe it’s a dangerous combo.

WBN Fighter of the Decade 2020 Floyd Mayweather


“From what I see at the gym, I can honestly say (YouTuber) can probably hit harder than (Floyd Mayweather). Now, who’s more accurate? We’ll see Feb. 20.”

Discussing a sparring incident in which Ortiz claims to have seen the internet present knock out a professional, Ortiz added: “These are full-on professional boxers.

“I sat back in shock and awe. He was so composed and relaxed. He used his reach perfect, took a little step, hook down the middle. Sleep. Night-night.

“My only complaint there is that he didn’t read him a bedtime story.


“I know what I know, and I know what I see. What I’m saying, in a sense, is that he will give Floyd trouble. He’s a dear friend, and I believe in him,” he concluded.

Whether much can be read into what Ortiz says is one thing. Some skeptics see it as mere hype to sell Pay Per Views.

What we do know is Mayweather has been untouchable for the best part of twenty-five years inside the ropes.

Wild swings and lack of composure need to be eradicated from his opponent’s make-up. But time is fast running out until that first bell.

The YouTuber doesn’t look anywhere near a professional level when he either throws punches or takes them.

Therefore, do the math.

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