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Home » Awful details emerge as light heavyweight boxer is horrifically murdered

Awful details emerge as light heavyweight boxer is horrifically murdered

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Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has apologized after horrific details emerged from the killing of light heavyweight Isaac ‘Zebra’ Ssenyange on Christmas Eve.

Ssenyange was due to meet with the President when security forces traveled to his home to pick him up.

The boxer was startled and ran. He was then cornered and shot by a group of personnel Ssenyange mistook for thugs.

Reports have stated Ssenyange was hit by several bullets, including one in his jaw. The undefeated 175-pound star, who held a record of 10-0-2, stood no chance.

Since then, President Museveni has addressed the nation to offer his condolences and explain the terrible misunderstanding.

“I specifically decided to take on his case, and I have so far found out he was killed by security personnel,” said Museveni. “I’m very sorry, so sorry about this.

“I will bring my entire findings to the knowledge of the family. I am very sorry,” he added.

Going into more detail on what actually transpired, Museveni confirmed the tragic accidental shooting.

Light heavyweight Ssenyange

“Indeed, Zebra was meant to come and see me when he was killed,” he said. “Zebra’s wife told me people in police uniform came to pick Zebra, but he jumped over the wall and could have met another group who shot him.

“At first, I thought they were thugs disguising in uniform. But as I continued investigations, I found out that Zebra was killed by security personnel,” concluded Museveni.

A neighbor of Ssenyange, Eric Kakooza, explained what he witnessed. He claims those who killed the fighter asked who he was before being opened fire on in a dead end.

“Ssenyange jumped over a wall and scaled over another. Unfortunately, the route ended, and he came back. They asked him, ‘are you Zebra’ and he said yes. He was then shot dead.”


Ssenyange began his boxing career in the 1990s before turning pro in 2012 and embarking on a 12-fight unbeaten run that promised much more than his shocking life-ending situation.

A Commonwealth title shot was on the horizon for Ssenyange when the incident occurred. Sadly, his wife and three children now have no father.

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