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Devin Haney loaded with options in Teofimo Lopez, Ryan Garcia, and Tank

Devin Haney has three huge options for his next bout as the boxing world’s interest in the lightweight division intensifies.

The DAZN star watched on as Garcia stopped Luke Campbell in seven rounds on Saturday night. The pair also exchanged words in the arena.

But before the fight, Haney spoke to Brian Custer to state Garcia would probably not be interested in taking his challenge.

This is despite Garcia being the World Boxing Council stipulation in the coming months.

“I think Teofimo Lopez does want to fight me. I think Teofimo actually, really wants to fight me,” pointed out Davis.

“Maybe he doesn’t really like me or whatever the case may be, but I think he really does want to fight me. Ryan Garcia, not so much. Tank, No!

“But if I’ve fought so many easy guys and I was so easy, come get me. If you really feel like that. If you really feel like that, then you would come to get me, beat me, and take my belt.

“Come and get the easy money and then walk off with an easy night if that’s how you really feel. If I were so easy, these guys would be begging for me, and they’re not!”


Asked about those who see Haney as the weakest of the top four at 135 pounds, the youngster responded: “At the end of the day, when I get in the ring with these guys, we shall see.

“If I don’t have the punching power, why aren’t these guys quick to get in the ring with me? Did I get a belt?

“It’s the most money they’ll make up to date in their career, so if they really feel like I was such an easy fight, why aren’t these guys so quick to beat me, to stop me from running my mouth. To get me out of there.

“They’re not, in reality, the proof is in the pudding.”

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