DAZN boxing presenter unleashes unnecessary sperm comment live on air

Kate Abdo sperm


Former Sky Sports News and now DAZN presenter Kate Abdo unleashed a debate on the boxing world with a highly unnecessary comment on sperm.

Right out of left-field, Abdo complimented Ryan Garcia’s father, who she proclaimed his son as ‘pretty’ on Saturday night.

Garcia was due to fight Luke Campbell, who he eventually beat by stoppage. At the same time, younger brother Sean Garcia had won on the undercard when Abdo stated her quip.

Wearing a skin-tight leather ensemble for her presentation of the show that was applauded by many male fans, Abdo cracked out the spunk from the get-go on an unsuspecting Henry Garcia.

“Sean Garcia already fought, Ryan Garcia, of course, the main attraction,” Abdo stated during the DAZN broadcast littered with criticism.

“You make them pretty. You make them athletic. That’s some good sperm you got there, sir.”


Boxing commentator Brian Campbell described Abdo’s remarks as “one heck of a compliment.”

Others disagreed with that in their droves, as Abdo added to a recent debate on women presenters making weird remarks.

“The Garcia DNA. I’m not a father, but if someone told me I had ‘good sperm,’ I think I would walk away from the conversation. That’s just cringey, lol,” said one observer.

Garcia blasted out Campbell in the headliner soon after to prove why so many people discuss his credentials.

Alongside promoter Oscar De La Hoya, who many believe he will leave shortly, Garcia told DAZN: “I think I showed a lot of people who I really am. I showed today I am special.

“They wanted to show me as a social media fighter. Anybody who puts you down, remember you’re not who people tell you who you are.

“You are who you choose to be. I chose to be a champion tonight.

“He caught me, I was like, ‘I got dropped, this is crazy.’ I’ve never been dropped in my life. I had to adjust. But I knew I could beat him. I just had to get back up.”

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