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Three alternative ways to enjoy the boxing this year

2020 has been a rather disappointing year for sport. Although boxing matches are beginning to be held once more, there have been very few classic battles to shout about this year.

Even now, fans are still unable to pack into stadiums in their tens of thousands as they usually are to watch these fights. Many of the big fights have even been put on hold until they’re able to sell the huge number of tickets they normally do. If you’re looking for ways you can enjoy the sport while fans aren’t allowed back in their big numbers, here are some alternative ways to watch the fights.

Watch it on TV

As we can’t get to a real live match currently, the next best place to watch a fight is on the TV. One of the things that has actually improved during the pandemic is the coverage of these fights on TV. In fact, some of the biggest fights over the summer have been held in TV studios rather than big arenas. This means the cameras can get even closer to the action, broadcasting every punch from the best possible angles. It means the commentators and presenters can get instant access to speak to the winners as soon as the fight is over. One of the unexpected benefits of these fights without an audience is also the fact you can hear every single shout from the fighter’s corner during the match, giving a very interesting insight into what they do for the first time.

Place a bet

Of course, the main reason why those fighters battle it out so hard in the ring is the pride. They want to be able to call themselves champion and lift the belt in the middle of that ring at the end of the match. Another massive benefit from winning the match is undeniably the massive pay check the winner will also receive from the match organisers. While it’s impossible for the average fan to win that much money from a fight, you can make it more interesting by placing a bet on who you think will win. Websites like Daftar Judi Bola Online offer great odds on all of the big matches played around the world throughout the year. If you’re watching as a neutral fan, placing even just the smallest amounts of money on who you think will win is a great way of giving you the incentive to cheer someone on to victory. 

Get saving for next time

Although we can’t watch a boxing match in person among the massive crowds we’re used to right now, that time will soon pass. Places like Wembley Stadium will soon once again be filled with fans shouting during every round. 

Nothing truly beats the atmosphere of a packed-out stadium like that, so why not start saving your money for when crowds of fans are allowed back at fights once more. If you start saving now, you could find you’re able to afford tickets much closer to the ring, many of which are often way out of the average fan’s price range.