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EXCLUSIVE: AIBA President Umar Kremlev outlines top to bottom reform

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AIBA President Umar Kremlev has outlined his drastic vision to World Boxing News after being elected to his new role in December.

Alongside securing boxing’s long-term future at the Olympic Games, Kremlev wants to oversee top to bottom changes after the recent controversies.

Kremlev hopes a new outlook will bring the sport back together on the back of a series of shadows over the amateur code.

Firstly, discussing his appointment, the 38-year-old wants to repay the faith shown in him moving forward.

“During this challenging period for world boxing, the boxing community has given me tremendous trust in spearheading the renaissance of the International Boxing Association and ensuring AIBA’s return to the Olympic family,” Kremlev exclusively told WBN.

“Therefore, I certainly feel great gratitude for this trust, great responsibility, and willingness to do a lot of work together with National Federations to resolve the difficulties with which our association is facing as soon as possible.”

Asked what his proposals are to make boxing better, Kremlev answered: “We will conduct the reforms to ensure AIBA’s return to the Olympic family.

“Training and monitoring the qualifications of specialists is our next vital goal.

“We will build modern Boxing Academies on five continents. That is where National Federations of every continent will be able to train their referees and judges, technical officials, coaches, cutmen and ringside doctors, and, of course, conduct testing and control of their knowledge and qualifications.

“It is important to ensure that the people who work in boxing today and develop our sport are professionals of the highest level.”

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He continued: “We will create a Veterans Council, Champions Council, and Coaches Council. This is so that professionals who have achieved heights in our sport share their experience and together find the best solutions for the development of world boxing.

“It is essential that boxers in each country are provided with everything they need for new victories.

“We need the best training facilities, first-class equipment, qualified coaches, and medical care.

“We will convene Boxing Forums every year so that AIBA administration receives feedback from the entire boxing community.

“Finally, we will also continue to fight doping at all levels. We are renewing our agreement with the International Testing Agency to ensure that AIBA meets the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) requirements.

“Of course, we will stage spectacular grand-scale tournaments that will attract new fans to boxing.

“A special attention will be paid to the establishment of media relations and digital promotion channels.

“Boxing is a sport with huge history and culture. Furthermore, they should become the foundation for shaping the great future of our sport,” concluded the new AIBA President.

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