Instagram Video Ideas that will Boost your Account’s Engagement

If you are trying to create an online community on social media, then you already know that users engage more with video content. In fact, every person on the Internet spends more time each year watching videos that appear on his social media feed.

Therefore, if you want to get real followers and likes, you need to post more videos on your Instagram account. On this platform, you can post a 60-second video on your feed, upload something on your IGTV or do an Instagram live.

Nevertheless, not just any video will bring you the success you need. There are some types of videos that get more attention compared to others. In this article, you are going to discover effective video ideas that will help you grow your account. When you find the type that fits your profile the more, buy Instagram followers and likes from to promote your videos and reach a wide audience. 

#1 Post a Prank Video

If you take a look at the trending content on Instagram and Tik Tol at the moment, you will find out that pranks are consistently among the most popular videos. Therefore, it makes sense that if you want to attract new users to your account, you must post a prank video. You don’t have to create an account dedicated to this niche, like officialprankcenter from the image above. If you occasionally post content like that, you will keep your audience entertained and they will anxiously wait for your next video.

#2 Create a Life Hacks or DIY Video

The next type of video that is extremely popular on social media right now is the life hacks and DIY video. Their extreme popularity has motivated more and more influencers to discover this niche so that they can attract more users. By creating a life hacks video, you will take part in this trend and claim some part of this audience for your account. Nevertheless, remember that you will need to buy Instagram followers and likes from and help your content stand out from the rest. 

#3 Make a Video Announcement

Apart from the trends though, you can use the video format to share your big news with your followers. Videos are much more forward than simple images and for this reason, they are better at communicating your message. Therefore, every time that you want to make an announcement, make sure that you post a short video. If you want to further explain it, you can host an Instagram live where users can join you and ask you questions in real-time. 

#4 Use Boomerang

Instagram has many interesting features that will help you create interesting content that attracts real followers and likes. One of these features is none other than Boomerang. This application creates small videos that resemble a GIF, which is very shareable on social media. Therefore, by posting Boomerang videos, you boost your chances of going viral. To make this type of video successful, you need to practice a lot as you need to capture some interesting expressions. When you have the perfect result, buy Instagram followers and likes to boost it and make it reach more users.

#5 Share User Generated Content

If you have already gathered a decent number of followers, then many of them might create content where they mention you or use your product. Videos like these are the perfect content for your account as it gives you more credibility. Reach out to these followers, get their permission, and re-post their videos on your profile. When you do that, make sure that you mention and tag them so that your post also appears on their profile. This type of content is great to get you more real followers and likes on the platform.

#6 Create an Animated Video

If you want to post a video that stands out, then you need to explore the option of an animated video. This type of content definitely requires more effort and you might also need the help of a professional graphic designer. Nevertheless, the result is going to surprise you as it will give you a lot of real followers and likes. With an animated video, you can visualize an infographic or show an interesting story. Everything depends mainly on your niche.

#7 Share a Stop Motion Video

Stop motion is another technique that is very impressive and eye-catching. It is still a video idea that requires a lot of effort but compared to the animated video it is a much easier idea to bring to life. In reality, you will have to take a lot of photos and then place them one after the other. This way, you will create the effect of this particular movement that the stop motion technique has. For this type of video, you have to buy Instagram followers and likes so that you make it have a greater reach.

#8 Reveal Behind the Scenes Footage

Another type of video that you can share with your followers is the behind-the-scenes footage. This type of content aims to show your viewers the process of creating your videos and images, as well as how you prepare your events. As you can see in the image above, it will be very interesting if you compare the before and after. No matter the behind-the-scenes footage you choose to share though, you need to buy Instagram followers and likes to make it stand out.

#9 Share Snippets from your Upcoming Content

On your Instagram feed, you can also post short videos that promote your upcoming content, products, or events. This type of video aims to build the hype and have users wait for what you have prepared for them. This way, whenever you post anything new, you will get a lot of real followers and likes. 

Video is the dominant type of content on social media right now. If you adopt the above ideas you can grow your community quickly. If you want even greater results, you have to buy Instagram followers and likes from