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Home » Canelo correctly pans ‘disrespectful YouTubers’ abusing boxing for money

Canelo correctly pans ‘disrespectful YouTubers’ abusing boxing for money

WBN has always been and always will be against YouTubers pretending to be professional boxers. Now, the world’s best fighter has panned them too in Canelo Alvarez.

The idea that a YouTuber can turn professional without ever having to fight another professional boxer is a ludicrous one indeed.

And it’s all for the sake of lining their and the promoters’ pockets with cold hard cash at the expense of the sport’s reputation.

Ahead of his clash this weekend, Canelo had some choice words for those who clown boxing by telling TMZ:  “You know, it’s all about the money.

“I don’t think we would agree that people that are basketball players, that are YouTubers get licenses.

“I don’t criticize. This is a hazardous sport, and if you go up there, it’s hazardous.”

Canelo Alvarez

Ed Mulholland

Asked if he would ever consider ‘fighting’ a YouTube as old foe Floyd Mayweather is planning to do, Canelo answered: “No. I truly believe that it’s a lack of respect (for the sport).

“It’s all based on money. It’s all for money. I’m focused right now on other projects.

“I have other stuff going on, and I would invite him for a sparring session so that he truly knows what it’s all about,” he added.

After the first-ever ‘professional’ YouTube fight – and I use that word very loosely, real boxers were not happy.

This is just a fraction of their reaction.

Multi-weight ruler Abner Mares said: “I’ll Pay never to see a YouTuber box ever again. I’m ok With them doing Charity exhibition matchups/fundraisers. But as a Pro?”

Isaac Lowe stated: “How can you be in boxing, call yourself a boxing guy, and be involved in something like this! The world has gone cuckoo!

“I’m embarrassed about my sport. I feel it for every TRUE fighter out there struggling to get a shot at the cash!”


Former world champion Steve Forbes added his disappointment at the broadcasters giving them the time of day.

“How do you interview someone about a fight that has never actually been to a fight? Someone recently said that quality is outdated ( I believe it in this day and time).

“C’mon @DAZN_USA, I really want to root for your product, but you guys are making horrible mistakes with production.

“These YouTubers are not real fighters. Stop acting like it. Please call it a fun sideshow to real boxing… I couldn’t imagine HBO, Showtime, ESPN, or Fox doing this.”

Please, make it stop.

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