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Home » Gennadiy Golovkin cranks Oscar De La Hoya beef to the maximum

Gennadiy Golovkin cranks Oscar De La Hoya beef to the maximum

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Middleweight ruler Gennadiy Golovkin went out of character this week to annihilate Oscar De La Hoya in a pre-title defense offensive.

‘GGG’ – the four-time WBN Fighter of the Year, issued ‘The Golden Boy’ with a verbal smack in the chops.

Reacting to De La Hoya calling him out in a recent interview, Golovkin cranked up the beef to triple-patty status, and he didn’t hold any of the sides.

“You know, Oscar. You know how dirty his mouth is,” Golovkin told AFP. “Everything involving Gennady Golovkin for him is a nightmare.

“He can say whatever. But let me put it this way – If I got an opportunity to kill a person in the ring legally, I might seize it.”

Now, you have to consider that a translator was relaying the answer-back, but there are only so many ways you can say such an insult.

De La Hoya had initially targeted the Kazakh superstar for his comeback from over a decade out. Despite a ten-year and prime age-gap, the Golden Boy Chairman wants in.

Oscar De La Hoya


“I’m open to fighting GGG! I’m inspired by Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. when it comes to staying in shape, being healthy, and fighting again,” said De La Hoya to Sirius XM.

“I’ll have a final decision when it comes to my comeback shortly. I’ll be fighting in the first quarter of 2021. Opponent to be named soon.”

We all know that Golovkin won’t be in the opposite corner, but it’s a good argument to have to keep De La Hoya in the headlines.

Interest in his imminent return has spiked in certain audiences, and there’s already interest from streaming apps in broadcasting a Pay Per View.

De La Hoya would be much more likely to face an older legend or recently retired opponent, though.


WBN revealed the bookmakers’ shortlist for Oscar De La Hoya’s comeback. The top three were ‘Maravilla’ Sergio Martinez, ‘The Latin Snake’ Sergio Mora, and a man he’s worked with a lot, Irishman Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan.

The startling fact about those three is that two are still competing today. Only Mora is officially retired.

When World Boxing News put the article out on social media, all three shared it with their audience. A sign of their interest – for sure.

Saying that – Golden Boy President Eric Gomez recently dangled the carrot of De La Hoya vs. Mike Tyson to fans also. A bold move.

We await the official announcement of who will eventually share the ring with the ten-time world champion in 2021.

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