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End mediation with a Fury-AJ, Deontay Wilder vs. Usyk mega-PPV

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World Boxing News believes there’s now a great opportunity to end mediation between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder by offering the latter a Pay Per View deal.

As talks continue between Fury and compatriot Anthony Joshua for the heavyweight clash everyone wants, Deontay Wilder can still block proceedings.

WBN contacted Wilder’s co-manager, Shelly Finkel, who said the situation is ongoing to thrash out a Fury vs. Wilder agreement.

Wilder says he’s contractually entitled to the third fight as Fury wants to move on to Joshua. The outcome is not yet set in stone.

But there is a way out to satisfy all parties and keep WBO mandatory Oleksandr Usyk happy into the bargain.

Not only that, United Kingdom Pay Per View records would shatter if all sides could come together on a mega-Pay-Per-View for the summer.

Pitching Fury vs. Joshua on top billing and adding Deontay Wilder vs. Oleksandr Usyk as the co-feature is a way to end mediation once and for all.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ needs assurances about another shot at the title. While ex-undisputed cruiserweight kingUsyk has been patiently awaiting his chance as he grows into the heavyweight limit.

Therefore, why not please all by adding Wilder vs. Usyk to both the Fury vs. Joshua events – if need be. PPV benchmarks would certainly tumble.

Granted that it’s not Eddie Hearn’s style to have two huge bouts on the same PPV when they could stand alone on the paid platform, but this is an unprecedented happening.

It requires an unprecedented line-up.

Deontay Wilder weight
Mikey Williams

Imagine Fury vs. Joshua and Wilder vs. Usyk in front of 90,000 plus at Wembley Stadium in June, followed by another installment at the Principality Stadium in November. It would be the event of recent boxing memory.

Whoever comes out on top of both clashes would then meet in 2022 for yet another undisputed showdown.

That gives three straight opportunities to have all the marbles on the line and pleases all contenders and sanctioning bodies for the next eighteen months.

Whoever the WBA stipulation is at the back end of 2022 would then get their chance unless the belts break up at that point.

What an opportunity to give something back to the fans, especially in the UK, for their PPV payment loyalty over the past five years.

Prices continue to go up largely due to Joshua and Fury’s demand and numbers keep hitting the mark to keep boxing in the headlines.

That’s the dream. That’s the ultimate dream for Great Britain.

The reality is Fury vs. Joshua is tipped to head to Saudi Arabia or the United States as a single headlining event.


Only if Wilder doesn’t win his case and scuppers Fury vs. Joshua for another year.

A Wilder means Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III and almost certainly has a knock-on effect on Joshua. He would have to then fight Usyk as mandatory.

That would leave British fans waiting another year for Fury vs. Joshua and can firmly be avoided by including Wilder and Usyk into the reckoning.

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