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Tommy Morrison’s widow posts factual events timeline media must follow

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Tommy Morrison’s widow Trish has released information regarding her late husband’s death following a spate of clickbait and false stories appearing on YouTube and websites.

WBN, who are in constant contact with Trish, are happy to print the statement in its entirety.

This Official TIMELINE is being provided to you and placing you ON NOTICE of the FACTS surrounding TOMMY MORRISON and the lawsuit against Defendants Quest Diagnostics, John Hiatt,
Marc Ratner, Dr.Margaret Goodman, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Vague bait and switch stories are a way to profit off Tommy’s tragedy and not be supported by the MORRISON family. Any media outlet that decides to print or display on other forms of social media information contrary to the below facts is blackening the memory of a dead person, namely TOMMY MORRISON, with malice.

Articles producing misleading, hearsay, discriminatory information on TOMMY, his widow, or any family member, should be removed or updated with the following Official Timeline.

Please have your legal department provide me with a link on what you have placed or will be placed on social media regarding my husband, Tommy Morrison, before Thursday, December 17th, 2020.

Dr.George Schuchmann II, a surgeon at Ft. Sanders Hospital, Knoxville, TN, left 12 feet of undocumented surgical gauze in TOMMY’s chest for over 1 week to rot inside TOMMY’s chest.
Surgery was performed on TOMMY’s chest because he came out of jail in October 2011 with an insect bite to his chest’s right side. The insect bite was either from a brown recluse or tick.
The evening of December 08th, 2011, after the gauze was discovered and pulled out, TOMMY’s right leg gave way, and he fell headfirst into a wall and landed on his neck.
This was the beginning of 21 months of hell. TOMMY was in and out of septic shock.

Court Document: Dkt#324.p.3.12

2012 and 2013:
TOMMY was tested for ALL AIDS-defining diseases, and TOMMY’s NEGATIVE results ruled out AIDS.
Court Document: Dkt#324.p.3.12

On September 01, 2013, at 11.50 pm, TOMMY died of cardiac arrest, septic shock, septicemia caused by the infected gauze, and multi organ failure after being placed in a medically induced coma 24 hours prior.
Upon request by TOMMYS widow on September 01, 2013, @ 11.511.50pm U.N.M.C’S an EXTENSIVE POSTMORTEM BLOOD AUTOPSY was performed and confirmed: “FINAL DIAGNOSIS: No viral particles seen. No retroviral inclusions. No budding retroviral present.” NO HIV.
Pathology Report Sep.17.2013.
(retrovirus is the scientific term for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) ).

Between 2013 and 2016:
Documents already filed and on the record in the Court of Law from Dr. Guenther; Dr.Hinrich; Dr.Smith; Dr.Voy; Dr.Soloway; Dr.Moses Ph.D.; and Dr.Osio in the form of either Affidavits or Authenticated Pathology Reports, all confirm no scientific evidence of HIV, no scientific evidence of AIDS, no clinical symptoms of HIV, and no AIDS diseases in TOMMY.

In 2014:
The Western blot test, allegedly used and noted on Defendants’ 1996 “lab report” produced for the first time, was discontinued by the CDC as a confirmatory test for HIV. The Exhibit produced by Defendants violated 21 CFR Part 11 and 21 CFR Part 211 as it was not authenticated with any signature from a 1996 pathologist “signing out” the document.
The name of the ordering physician on Defendants’ “1996 lab report” was also proven in court to have been falsified by the Defendants.

In 2014:
Defendants revealed in Court Documents that the “medical suspension” imposed on TOMMY on February 10, 1996, that immediately, indefinitely, worldwide suspended TOMMY from his career, and made his life spiral into turmoil, was SECRETLY LIFTED 10 years later in July 2006 by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

In 2015:
Former FBI Special Agent, now head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, ROBERT BENNETT, swore Under Oath on behalf of Defendants NSAC for the first time since 1996 TOMMY was “not indefinitely suspended on February 10, 1996”. COURT DOCUMENT: Dkt#140 p.7.19-20.

In 2015:
Former FBI Special Agent, now head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, ROBERT BENNETT, swore Under Oath on behalf of Defendants NSAC for the first time since 1996 documents existed of any clinical symptoms nor any HIV infection in TOMMY. COURT DOCUMENT: RFP#8. Dec.01.2015.

In 2015:
It was proven in court that Defendant Dr.Margaret Goodman’s public and worldwide claim in 2007 was false, fraudulent, malicious, and made with the intent to ruin TOMMY’s comeback. Defendant Goodman claimed that Dr.HIatt was a physician and renowned pathologist and had reviewed and diagnosed TOMMY with HIV in 1996.
“DR.HIATT” was never a licensed physician, never a board-certified pathologist – not even a renowned pathologist, and HIATT had never reviewed TOMMY’s 1996 results and never had diagnosed TOMMY with anything in 1996 nor even at any time during TOMMY’s lifetime.
COURT DOCUMENTS: HIATT’s responses and objections to Plaintiff’s Requests for Production. RFP#53; RFP#43; RFP#18.

In 2015:
Defendants further unleashed fraudulently concealed information for the first time that their clinical laboratory reports are now not a diagnosis of HIV, rendering the “document dump” of their “lab reports,” in this case, as mute.
COURT DOCUMENT: Request for Interrogatory #12p.10:20-23. Nov.18th,2015, signed under Oath by Elizabeth Iole for Defendants QUEST. Elizabeth IOLE is married to KEVIN IOLE, who broke the “news” of a “diagnosis of HIV” to the worldwide media in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 10th, 1996, before TOMMY was even told. Kevin Iole refuses to report on this case.

In 2015:
Defendants confessed for the first time that their tests do not test for the HIV VIRUS.
COURT DOCUMENT: Request for Interrogatory No.#15 p.15:24-26. Nov.18th,2015.

In 2016:
Defendants, despite having allegedly received TOMMY’S blood and was tested by QUEST Diagnostics using their “CDC algorithm/recommendation,” to determine for the co-defendants whether TOMMY had the “HIV” Human Immunodeficiency Virus- confessed for the very first time in 20 years:
“neither the State Defendants nor Quest Diagnostics ever diagnosed Mr.Morrison as carrying the HIV Virus.”
COURT DOCUMENT: Dkt#174 p.7.2-4.

In 2016:
Defendants now confess to knowing that the MMWR produced by the CDC cites:
“Information from a laboratory-initiated report of a CD4+ T lymphocyte count is INSUFFICIENT for reporting a case of AIDS.”
COURT DOCUMENT: Dkt#175-11. Defendants for over 20 years, and in court before their confession, used their “laboratory-initiated CD4+ reports” as a case of AIDS.

In 2016:
Federal Judge Richard F.Boulware II ruled from the Bench on September 08th, 2016:
“We wouldn’t even be having this discussion if the test was specific for the existence of the virus or not. That’s obviously why there’s even the possibility of a claim. The tests didn’t test for the virus.”
COURT DOCUMENT: Transcript Hearing September 08th, 2016.

In 2018:
CDC’s Dr.M.Owen, Assistant Director of Laboratory Services in Atlanta, NCHHSTP, (and colleague of Defendants’ Expert Witness “Branson”) confirmed the following information that had been fraudulently withheld from the Court, TOMMY, family, fans, and Estate:
*viral load tests are not actually approved for screening and making a diagnosis.
*In 1996, there was not a CD4 test kit.
*It is possible to have very low CD4 counts caused by other diseases such as cancer, other infectious diseases, genetic disorders, ETC.

In 2020:
Defendants were caught using false, non-existent Statutes against TOMMY from February 10, 1996, to his death, and again using the same false, fraudulent, misleading, reckless misuse of statutes that had never been approved by the Legislator in 1996 throughout the entire MORRISON case in Federal and Appellate Courts and the U.S.Supreme Court.
NRS. 469.1005 did not exist at all.
NRS. 467.100(2) did not exist until 1999
NRS.467.1005 did not exist until 1999
NRS. 467.100(3) did not exist until 2003
NAC.467.027(3) did not exist until 1997
NAC.467.027(3b) did not exist until 1997

In 2020:
Defendants withheld hundreds of pages of medical records exonerating TOMMY from HIV and AIDS, including TOMMY’s postmortem pathology report from their own Expert Witness that would have made a difference to their own Expert Witness’s report filed under penalty of perjury.

From 1996 to 2020:
Defendants have not brought forward any credible eyewitness, nor any physical or scientific evidence that demonstrates anyone had actually scientifically ruled out a “differential diagnosis” by testing TOMMY for over one hundred other ailments that cause #false #positive results.
MORRISON’s evidence on the record establishes UNMC, one of the very best infectious disease facilities in the nation, did testing for other conditions that can react in a #false #positive reaction to QUEST’s testing. It was scientifically established that TOMMY had many ailments, non-contagious, that would render a #false #positive reaction to Defendants’ testing.

From 1996 to 2020:
Defendants’ intentional delay, until confessing in 2016, that:
* their tests used did not diagnose TOMMY with HIV;
*that the statutes used against TOMMY did not exist in 1996;
were a deliberate device to gain an advantage over TOMMY from 1996 to 2013 and over TOMMY’s Widow, a pro se litigant for the Estate of Tommy Morrison, from 2013 to 2020, causing prejudice in presenting TOMMY’s case.

TOMMY MORRISON in August 2020:

MORRISON filed a Motion with the Federal Court in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Motion for DNA/HIV Testing on Newly Discovered, Preserved, Tissue belonging to Tommy Morrison.
Defendants are attempting to block this testing by asking the Court to silence MORRISON and fine her, and label her as a vexatious litigant.

In October 2020:
Magistrate Judge Weksler filed MORRISON’S EXHIBIT ‘X” with the Court in Las Vegas, Nevada, that proves the existence and whereabouts of the newly discovered, preserved tissue belonging to TOMMY.

Current situation: The motion for DNA/HIV testing on TOMMY’s tissue is still pending. Some Media continue to spin their stories to profit off TOMMY’s obviously planned demise. Other more notable social media channels are now acknowledging that ESPN’s “story” spun was to actively capitalize on the tragedy surrounding TOMMY’s career and life to impress and obtain ESPN+ rights to streaming fights in Nevada replacing HBO. And assisting Defendants with their defense in the MORRISON lawsuit.

The truth is that the mainstream media has no insight into TOMMY or TOMMY’s family’s personal lives. So they make up whatever story they think will sell.

“I just want everything settled with the Morrison family,” she outlined, “There were things I didn’t realize. I’m happy we are doing what we can.” – Diana Morrison, Tommy’s mother, WBN article Phil Jay, March 2020.

Trisha Morrison
Wife and Widow of Tommy Morrison