Fuming Nonito Donaire denies having Covid-19, shows negative proof

Multi-weight world champion Nonito Donaire is livid as losing out on a chance to fight for the vacant WBC bantamweight title on December 19.

Showtime announced original opponent Emmanuel Rodríguez would face former interim WBA bantamweight champion Reymart Gaballo instead on Friday.

The network stated a positive Covid-19 test by Donaire for the late switch.

Donaire, very unhappy at what transpired, then took social media to ‘blow things up.’

“We asked for a confirmatory test to make sure I was positive. They said NO. So I had to pay to get one done,” stated the Filipino superstar.

He added: “Just in case you think Quest can’t make any mistakes: Blood draw done with witnesses and surveillance proof on Dec 5 at 11 am.

“Blood draw results note collection on Dec 4 at 3 pm. On my test, my wife AND trainer. How you retro dating when you collected my blood?”

Nonito Donaire’s wife Rachel released a lengthy statement on the matter, some of which can be found below.

“Our world is based on quantitative measures all around us. Depending on the accuracy and efficiency of those measures, we make appropriate decisions and actions on things that may affect us.

“But as fighters, we know that there is always that ‘chance’– like a chance to beat a 7-1 underdog fight. So, we fight, question, verify, and validate until we’ve no options left. So here I am again, fighting for Nonito and his career.

“Nonito and I were contacted by Baker Street Health, who I understand to be heading the fight’s Covid-19 Testing protocols. I was asked to submit a team roster and the location of our training in November.

“Upon submission, we were sent Quest Diagnostic Test kits in the mail. Quest is an extensive and reputable lab. But I thought to myself, maybe too big.

“That thought was confirmed later on, through no fault of their own.

The Fight for a Chance to Live

Our world is based on quantitative measures all around us. Depending on the accuracy…

Posted by Rachel Marcial Donaire on Friday, 11 December 2020

“November 25th, we were contacted by a doctor from Baker Street Health to conduct a telemedicine collection where Dr oversees our specimen collection and monitors us sealing the packages, etc.

“The test results, although NEGATIVE for all of us, didn’t arrive until November 30th from Quest Diagnostic.

“I choked that up to the Thanksgiving Holiday and figured it might not happen again. I was wrong. November 30th, we took and sent another test.

“We did not receive those results until December 4th. Those tests all NEGATIVE. On December 4th, we took another Test; those test results came back on December 8th. Tony and I NEGATIVE. NONITO POSITIVE.

“My world turned upside down, and my heart sank. I feverishly waited for Dr. A from Baker Street Health to call with protocol and/or instructions. No call. No email and no check-up.

“Fear settled in, realizing that if I hadn’t taken the time to log in and check myself, we wouldn’t have known until they decided they wanted to update us.

“I panicked and got my kids out of the house. They weren’t around my husband anyway because it was camp.

“When I returned, I double, triple, quadruple disinfected the house, opening all the windows letting air into the room.

“Nonito isolated in the bedroom, and every so often, he’d come out to grab something. Like a pariah, I shunned him going anywhere near me, teasing him about it but also being firm.

“I slept on the couch night after night. Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t just pick another bedroom, even one of the boys’ rooms, lol. I was alone in my own home.

“He was alone in his own home, and my boys became hurtful voices on the phone, not understanding why we sent them away. And then I snapped out of it.

“I would never take something as truth unless it was 100% certain.”


“So I’m here not to argue opinion but present the FACTS:

1. 5 Days to wait for results on tests is inefficient.
2. Tony tested NEGATIVE on ALL tests.
3. I tested NEGATIVE ON ALL tests.
4. My boys and my parents and sister took Rapid Antigen tests: NEGATIVE
5. Nonito got 2 NEGATIVE COVID-19 Qualitative NAAT Test from Quest and 1 “POSITIVE” requested by Baker Street Health.
6. Nonito got NEGATIVE COVID-19 QUALITATIVE NAAT Tests that I paid for.


Safe to say neither are impressed at how this has been dealt with.

It’s improbable that Showtime will alter their December 19 show’s main event a second time to accommodate Nonito Donaire, though.

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