Latest Innovations in UI/UX

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The speedy growth of technology influences design changes each year and designers need to be aware of all the current and upcoming trends. That way, creators can constantly learn and improve their design portfolio to keep up with the latest and most efficient market preferences. 

If you take a look at the Vulkan Vegas casino website, for instance, you’ll notice the website was created with an intuitive mobile-friendly HTML5 template to enable seamless mobile gaming for players right from the browser. It’s no wonder why the site is one of the most popular online casino platforms in the market. 

Cutting across virtually all industries, here as some of the newest innovations in UI and UX that designers shouldn’t ignore:

Animated Illustrations

For some time now, animated illustrations have been thriving in digital product design because they add the human touch to the overall user interface they are applied. These animations introduce an extra level of interaction to draw user attention. 


Today, microinteractions seem to be at the center of every design. Launch Facebook, for example, and you’ll be bombarded with lots of microinteractions, the “Like” button being the perfect example. These microinteractions are nowadays so abundant in our UI’s that we are not even aware of their existence. In fact, microinteractions are the best proof that attention to detail boosts the general user experience of your digital products and raise their standards. 


Stories play a critical role in general UI/UX within the digital product design. You might see them more often on the landing pages introducing the brand, service, or a new product. Storytelling is all about enabling the users to understand what the company is all about. This is achieved through a blend of strong and balanced visual illustrations, thoughtful color schemes, and high-resolution images.

Other than playing a role in telling a story for your brand, it also helps in establishing emotional relationships between users and brands.  On top of that, storytelling is also a great marketing tool that can significantly boost the sales of your product and services.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has climbed to new and impressive heights this year. In the previous years, VR has been mostly silent and we have only seen its progress in the gaming industry. After Oculus Quest was launched in 2019, it unlocked doors for other industries including marketing and advertisement. Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showcased an exciting hand interaction feature and officially unveiled the hand-tracking update for Quest, which was officially launched at the start of this year.

Microsoft and Sony have also released their next-generation consoles which have proven to bring loads of prospects and room for growth of VR technology.

Augmented Reality

In the last few years, we have seen a lot of progress, excitement, and improvement in AR. The world’s most innovative technology companies are putting millions of dollars to invest heavily in AR development, and so, we should be looking forward to the rapid expansion and growth of this technology in the coming years. 

Apple, for instance, rolled out its proprietary Augmented Reality toolkit known as ARKIT 4 to help designers and developers build AR-based products because the company understands that  AR creates endless opportunities for designers when they create asymmetrical layouts. 


In case you were wondering, neumorphic design refers to the design elements which are created in a realistic way to match objects in real life. Essentially, this is a visual style that brings together elements of shapes, background color highlights, gradients, and shadows to boost the intensity and realistic nature of, say, switches and buttons, among other UI features. Industry experts predicted that designs in the VR or AR technology shown in most popular design platforms might be neumorphic as soon as next year.

If you have ever interacted with neumorphic designs, you may have already noticed how they present a very detailed and accurate style of design via shadows, glows, and highlights. Neumorphism has inspired tons of designers all over the globe and as it continues getting better, user experience and interaction will hit new unforeseen levels in the coming years.

Final Thoughts

Technology and design are symbiotic. Each one drives and benefits from the other. Where there is a great design, technology will be well-represented. Cutting edge technology is what powers cutting-edge design. With the pace at which technology is developing, we should brace ourselves for a mind-blowing future of design revolution. If you are a designer stuck between choices, the points we’ve covered today are something to chew on so that you stay ahead of the game in this rapidly evolving field.