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Home » Bookie working with Floyd Mayweather in 2017 refuses bets on next fight

Bookie working with Floyd Mayweather in 2017 refuses bets on next fight

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A bookmaker previously aligned with Floyd Mayweather for his 2017 clash with Conor McGregor has moved to distance themselves from his 2021 venture.

Mayweather hasn’t fought on U.S. soil since battering McGregor for ten rounds in Las Vegas. Three and a half years on, a return is on.

‘The Money Man’ will compete in a ‘special exhibition’ against a social media vlogger. The event will be streamed via a celebrity greeting platform on February 20th.

Odds of 1-50 were released by fraction makers in America this week, although Paddy Power decided to ridicule the clash rather than take bets.


“Floyd Mayweather believes that a win over (vlogger) could be a stepping stone to a fight with Brian from our accounts department. Or even the bouncer from the Widnes Weatherspoons,” said the Paddy Power social media account.

“For those asking, we are not taking bets on this at this time because it is an exhibition fight.

“And because Floyd Mayweather is one of the best boxers of all time and (vlogger) is a YouTuber.”

Paddy Power famously gatecrashed the weigh-in for Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor when getting the former to display their pants on the scales.

It was a shocking last-minute turn of events that raise eyebrows because the company is Irish – the same as McGregor.

Outling how the collaboration happened back then, Paddy Power revealed all after questioning why they didn’t partner with their own countryman.

“We can’t reveal any details whether we had talked before the fight with McGregor’s team. Paddy Power had considered asking him about dyeing his beard green or wearing our lucky pants. Still, Conor is Notoriously picky when it comes to his sartorial choices – less so when it comes to his choice of insults,” they explained.


“Besides, Floyd’s got a great, great, great aunt who’s half-Irish.”

Floyd Mayweather

Showtime / Paddy Power

Head of Major Brand Activations at Paddy Power Paul Mallon gave a detailed description of how Mayweather ended up sporting their brand at one of the most-watched events of the year.


At the time, Mayweather’s slogan of ‘Always Bet on Black’ – taken from the Wesley Snipes movie ‘Passenger 57’ – was a controversial one.

“We took two trunk-loads of custom-made Paddy Power Lucky Pants from Dublin to Vegas to present to Floyd Mayweather – with ‘Always Bet on Black’ worked into the branding at the request of his crew,” said Mallon.

“Floyd kept us waiting for a couple of days. So we were getting nervous as to whether we were actually going to meet him.

“We were supposed to meet Monday. But he went to yoga instead, which is fair enough. So, we eventually met at his Las Vegas gentleman’s club, Girl Collection, at 2 am on a Tuesday.

“We presented him with his custom-made pants. It was his team’s idea to work in ‘Always Bet on Black’ as a riposte to Conor McGregor’s infamous ‘F You’ suit stitching a couple of weeks back.”

Paddy Power’s Merchandise Chief Jenny Callaghan then revealed the cost of the now-iconic exercise.

“I would say we have spent more than 10k just to get a pair of pants/shorts that will work for the occasion,” she stated.


It’s fair to say Mayweather is largely unbackable when it comes to wagering on an outcome in his next ‘contest.’

This is despite a fifty-pound weight differential.

A better option could be to stake on whether the fight will be called off before it happens.

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