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Home » ‘Internet lit up like a Christmas tree’ – Mike Tyson ‘piloted’ for hybrid series

‘Internet lit up like a Christmas tree’ – Mike Tyson ‘piloted’ for hybrid series

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The return of boxing legend Mike Tyson was a pilot event for a much bigger series of entertainment events to come in the future.

Tyson battled Roy Jones Jr. over eight-rounds in California in the first of what will be the first of many elaborately-staged hybrid shows.

Triller, who produced last weekend’s Pay Per View, is now working with many other companies following a successful mixture of music, internet influencers, and sports.

Fans can now expect up to eight of those hybrid events per year under the new moniker of ‘The Fight Club.’

Rapper Snoop Dogg will take a leading role as the front of the operation.

Discussing plans and the considerable attention gathered by Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. on November 28th, Executive Chair of Triller and co-owner of Proxima Bobby Sarnevesht couldn’t have been any happier.

“Twitter, Youtube, and the internet lit up like a Christmas tree,” he declared. “All of sudden, our event was the Top 8 most trending and popular topics online.

“Everyone started to buy. It was everything we wanted it to be and set digital records. We saw word of mouth create records.

“Saturday was our pilot, and it worked. Now when anyone hears it’s a Triller “The Fight Club” event, they know it means the product will be unparalleled.

“It will look and feel like nothing they’ve ever seen.”


Sarnevesht continued by stating there would be no limitations or holds barred when it comes to artists.

“Triller’s official motto ‘Where you do you’ is carried into these events where celebrities unleash their inner boxers, where everyone is free to express themselves.

“Whether it’s the announcers giving their honest narrative. Doing so, talking like drunken sailors or artists expressing their music while smoking on a joint, we encourage pushing the rules of the game and pushing them to the limits.

“As the event unfolded, the digital streams started to grow exponentially. This proves our new approach to the look and feel of boxing worked.

“Social media started the word of mouth. By halfway through a lot of the world was watching.”

Wassim “Sal” Slaiby, CEO of SALXCO and XO Records, was floored by the event.

He said: “In a historical evening, watching Bobby and Ryan deliver such an epic event was inspiring.

“Congrats to Bobby at Triller and Ryan from ‘The Fight Club’ for delivering such an unforgettable night. Excited for the next ‘The Fight Club’ event.”

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