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‘I really did quit!’ – Dave Allen offers honest view in Daniel Dubois debate

Retired British heavyweight David Allen offered an enlightened view of the Daniel Dubois debate after the ‘take a knee’ row erupted in the UK.

The 28-year-old stepped away from the sport earlier this year despite interest in his career carrying on.

Allen’s decision came after a beatdown by former British champion David Price.

When a Halloween return against Christopher Lovejoy fell apart, Allen decided enough was enough.

But heading back to his clash with Price taking place in the summer of 2019, ‘The White Rhino’ had no qualms admitting why the fight ended after the tenth round.

“When I boxed David Price, I quit. I really did quit,” stated Allen. “It was for the best, and it’s enabled me to live a healthy life, which I hope will continue for the duration of however long I’m here for.

“But I quit. After the fight, for months, I was as low as I’ve been for a long time because, if nothing else, I am a proud man.

Dave Allen Heavyweight

Mark Robinson

“Only now that I’m retired do I realize it was the right thing I did. In my state of semi-consciousness, I made the smartest call I ever did.

“For Daniel Dubois, it’s a very different scenario. He’s young in his career, and where he goes after (the defeat), I do not know.

“Questions and soul searching will be done, but I hope people are around him who care for him because it’s gonna be a hard few months ahead,” he added.


Dubois took a knee in the tenth round of his battle with Joe Joyce and chose to be counted out with an eye injury. It’s since been revealed that ‘DDD’ suffered a broken orbital bone.

To anyone who has ever had that kind of injury, more recently Kell Brook twice, it’s one of the most painful and dangerous in the sport.

It can cause blindness in the worst-case-scenario and must be a very scary ailment to deal with when another boxer continues to pummel you in the eye.

Joyce did this to perfection and ultimately forced Dubois to take himself out of the firing line.

With an injury like that, metal plates will patch it up, but it’s improbable ever to be back to one hundred percent again.

At just 23 years old, it could be a long career for Dubois if every opponent he now faces goes straight for that eye.

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