Andy Ruiz Jr. accused of ‘changing the moment he won heavyweight title’

Andy Ruiz Jr Manny Robles

Mark Robinson

Former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. has been accused of going all ‘Big-time Charlie’ on Manny Robles, the coach who took him to the sport’s summit.

Ruiz, who shocked Anthony Joshua in the summer of 2019 before surrendering his titles with a whimper in the rematch, is currently plotting a course to a comeback with a new trainer.

Robles was left behind after a dismal showing by Mexico’s first top division ruler as Ruiz switched to camp Canelo Alvarez.

Now with Eddy Reynoso, Ruiz is being linked to fights against Luiz Ortiz and Deontay Wilder.

The man who helped him realize his dream and also secure the future of his family has opened up on the process of Ruiz eventually shocking the world.

Losing to Joseph Parker for the WBO title down under in New Zealand four years ago, it was a long road to redemption – as Robles explained.

“Andy just came back from a loss, his first loss. They came and talked to me, and I took him under my wing,” Robles said, speaking to Marc Gatford via the blog.

“He was going through a lot of ups and downs; he wasn’t fighting, he wasn’t making any money, and he was pretty much broke.

Joseph Parker Andy Ruiz Jr.

“He didn’t have a place to stay, so I had to find him a place to live so that I wouldn’t lose him. I understood what I was working with, and I understood this kid was talented.

“I didn’t want to lose him to the streets or him to quit boxing. So I had to find a way to keep him in LA, to put a roof over his head. I did just that.

“I found him a place to stay, food, everything that a fighter would need to stay focused.

“We managed to keep him here, and little by little, his luck started changing for the better. Things started to fall into place.

“He got his opportunity to fight Joshua and everyone knows the story.”


On taking four world title belts from Joshua in New York, Robles added: “It wasn’t luck. He was ready. He was prepared, he was focused, and he was hungry.

“Then the moment he won the world title, everything changed.”

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