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Opinion: Boxing has had enough of YouTubers

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The internet is currently awash with YouTubers after the fallout of Mike Tyson making a comeback from fifteen years out of the ring.

But sadly, the talk is not so much about Mike.

A YouTube vlogger participating on the undercard in one of the worst examples of boxing fraud in the sport’s history is taking the shine from Tyson.

The social media ‘influencer’ knocked out a basketball player bereft of knowledge of how to defend himself and has since polarized the boxing fraternity.

Those under thirty believe he ‘offers a new audience to the sport.’ However, real fans who know our dear sport are aware we could survive without those oblivious millennials.

Here’s an idea, why doesn’t a promoter begin a YouTube Boxing organization and let those pretenders fight each other there? If it’s such a money-maker, surely that should be the next phase?

But if you are coming into our sport and taking up spots on undercards that real boxers would cherish and have worked far harder for, then you should be fighting fellow professionals.

Please don’t come into our situation, proclaim yourself to be a real fighter, and call out people you have no intention of ever sharing the ring with.

You wouldn’t survive five minutes in the ring with any boxer at a decent level. Fitness and followers on social media are no right of passage for anyone.

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones J

Joe Scarnici / Triller


Boxing has had enough of you. They want you gone. So please take the hint and stop tarnishing what we have built for over one hundred years.

Pugilism is sacred. It’s not something you can pick up when you feel like, become a professional in, and then not fight anyone near the level required.

That’s called ‘playing boxing,’ and it’s disrespectful. If you want to do that, then do it on your own time.

But if you truly want to play with the big boys you need to grow some balls and fight someone with boxing talent.


Mike Tyson made his triumphant return to the ring on Saturday night. All we have to take away from it is a shocking event.

I think I speak for most sound-minded members of the boxing community when I say ‘you’re not welcome here anymore.’

Promoters are also to blame for a big portion of this. I plead to them to not think of the money or Pay Per View buyers and stop making a mockery of our sport.

If you do, you’re just as bad as them.

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