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Exclusive: Daniel Dubois knee take polarizes boxing

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Daniel Dubois knee taking in his British heavyweight title clash with Joe Joyce on Saturday night continues to polarize audiences.

‘DDD’ has been defended by his team after being counted out following a barrage of jabs from ‘The Juggernaut’ in London.

Since then, it’s emerged that Dubois suffered orbital bone damage to his eye, a severe injury.

Dubois will come again – but in some quarters, his reputation may never recover.

US boxing agent Steve Tannenbaum gave his views to World Boxing News in the immediate aftermath and didn’t hold back.

“To begin with, I have no vested interest in the event, but Dubois quit like a hound dog,” Tannenbaum told WBN. “He quit from being hit with a jab!

“He made no effort to rise. In my mind, that is shameful!

“You have to question his heart. Could you imagine Fury or Joyce exiting a fight like that?

“You know, Frank Warren knew he gave up and was baffled as to why he chose to do such a thing. He must be disappointed with his actions but, of course, will not voice this publicity.

“You could see in his corner during the later rounds that he acted disillusioned as his trainer was trying to wake him up as he sensed Dubois might be giving up.

“As for Joyce, he’s terrific. Only Fury and maybe Usk or Yoka might lick him, but he could surprise all of them,” he added.

Daniel Dubois down hospital

Frank Warren


Updating a short time later after hearing of the injury, Tannenbaum added: “Dubois breaking his orbital bone has nothing to do with him not rising to his feet.

“He was not in a conclusive state and never claimed to be, and his character looks to be exposed.

“Joe Frazier, Ali, and Holmes would never shame themselves this way. Dubois is a genuine talent, and I’m sure it will resurrect his career but let’s call a spade a spade.

“Once a quitter, it’s in his DNA so that it might happen again. Mike Tyson quit in both the amateurs and the pros when he experienced adversity.”

British star Chris Eubank Jr. joined Tannenbaums’s stance.

Leaping to the Dubois defense was UK legend Frank Bruno – a man who has spent hours in the gym with the 23-year-old.

Bruno was annoyed by criticism of Dubois this week.

“People have made negative comments on Daniel Dubois going on to one knee to finish the fight,” pointed out Bruno. “As someone who has problems with my eyes through boxing, I feel Daniel did the right thing to save further damage.

“You may not agree, which I respect, but it’s my personal point of view.”

Promoter Lou DiBella was highly vocal on the Dubois situation when taking to his social media accounts too.

“Having had a fractured orbital bone, I know what it feels like. I can only imagine what it felt like to have Joe Joyce’s precision punches landed on Dubois’s fracture.

“Ocular nerve damage is also real s—. Dubois didn’t quit. Period.”

The victor in the fight, who opened massive doors for himself, believes his opponent will be back.

“Respect to Daniel Dubois. He will come again,” said Joyce.

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