Pro boxers react with rage as horrific YouTuber KO sours Mike Tyson PPV

Nate Robinson Knockout Mike Tyson Floyd Mayweather

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Professional boxers aired the outrage in the aftermath of the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. exhibition following a horrific knockout suffered by a former NBA star.

Nate Robinson – who clearly had no boxing knowledge or understanding – was wiped out in two rounds of an unfathomable encounter with a YouTuber.

Down more than once in the fight, it was abundantly clear early that the warning signs were there to stop it.

Referee Thomas Taylor is certainly guilty of not stepping in soon enough as Robinson continually walked onto punches when obviously not knowing how to defend himself.

In the end, all it took was eight punches to put Robinson on the canvas three times, the last of which was a real sickener.


The 36-year-old could have certainly been seriously damaged in the clear proof that these internet vloggers ‘playing boxing’ should be outlawed.

It’s not even a case of whether the social media influencer was the better pugilist on the night. It was simply a matter of Robinson being completely bereft of training or know-how.

However, this is why stringent tests must be carried out as professional boxing licenses are handed out for nothing.

Those who take the sport seriously unleashed a barrage on the YouTuber when displaying their anger at Robinson being put in such danger on the Mike Tyson card.

“Can we stop with these BS YouTube fights? S— embarrassing and disrespectful to the sport. Boxing isn’t a sport to play with. These guys gonna get hurt,” said world champion Joseph Diaz Jr.

Ex-super-middleweight ruler Ishe Smith added: “F— (this YouTuber)! He proved nothing knocking Nate out.

“Boxing is the only sport that would have this clown making more than 90 percent of fighters. Put his a– in with a real fighter.

“Clown a– sport for a clown a– fighter.”

Seven-weight women’s champ and pound-for-pound queen Amanda Serrano said: “They need to STOP this stupid celebrity boxing thing. Boxing is a serious game.

“Nothing to be done for YouTube likes. Most amateurs turning pro fight four rds these guys debuting in a six-rounder. Someone’s going to get really hurt one day. Not cool at all.”

Even Adrien Broner couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.


Besides, the competitor is now considered a 2-0 professional fighter without facing any professionals himself is a clear indication of why this disgruntlement is warranted and fully expected.

Only when these kinds of bouts are outlawed from pro events will we make progress. Above all, avoiding a future death or at least a permanent injury into the bargain.

Nate Robinson has now become nothing more than a meme and distasteful challenge for his pain and sacrifice. Was it really worth it?

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.