Mike Tyson behind Deontay Wilder but both miss out on KO list top spot

Deontay Wilder Mike Tyson Shannon Briggs

Amanda Westcott / Frank Notaro

Surprisingly, neither Mike Tyson nor Deontay Wilder features on top spot when it comes to being heavyweight boxing’s biggest hitter.

Tyson may have been renowned for his frightening knockout power in the ring, but research from William Hill has revealed that he trails the likes of Wilder and Shannon Briggs when it comes to the heavyweight division’s heaviest ever hitter.

William Hill had analyzed every heavyweight world champion since 1962 – when the WBA’s version of the world title was first introduced – to fight 100+ winning rounds to decipher the boxer with the quickest knockout ratio in history.

Former two-time world heavyweight champion Briggs tops the pile when it comes to the division’s heaviest hitter. This is due to Briggs needing an average of just 2.71 rounds to knock out his opponent during his 60 career victories.

Modern-day boxing’s most lethal knockout machine is Deontay Wilder, who sits second on the list.

The Bronze Bomber may have lost his WBC title to Tyson Fury earlier this year, but he closely follows Briggs with an average of just 3.12 rounds per knockout from his 42 wins.

Sitting third and fourth on the list are ex-WBO world champion Tommy Morrison and British boxing legend Frank Bruno, who required an average of 3.13 and 3.35 rounds to land a knockout.

Tyson, who reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990, rounds off the top five with an average of 3.38 rounds per knockout from his 50 career victories.

Of the 55 boxers analyzed, David Haye (3.75) makes it into the top 10 in ninth place, one position ahead of George Forman (3.86), with Lennox Lewis (5.02) sitting 27th. Elsewhere, Wladimir Klitschko (5.13) is 30th, Tyson Fury (6.03) sits 45th, while Roy Jones Jr (6.42) is 47th. Sitting at the bottom of the list is Muhammad Ali (8.68).

Tony Smith, UK Marketing Director at William Hill, said: “We thought we’d take a look at which boxers have the quickest knockout ration in heavyweight history.

Perhaps surprisingly, Mike Tyson only sits fifth on the list, with the former undisputed champion knocking his opponents out on average every 3.38 rounds – a record bettered by the king of the ring Shannon Briggs and Deontay Wilder Tommy Morrison, and Frank Bruno.

“Our research threw up several other interesting statistics, with boxing legend Muhammad Ali in last spot and Tyson Fury also way down the list. While David Haye makes it into the top 10 in ninth spot.”

Top 10 quickest knockout ratios:

  1. Shannon Briggs: 2.71 rounds

  2. Deontay Wilder: 3.12

  3. Tommy Morrison: 3.13

  4. Frank Bruno: 3.35

  5. Mike Tyson: 3.38

  6. Lamon Brewster: 3.48

  7. Corrie Sanders: 3.64

  8. Herbie Hide: 3.73

  9. David Haye: 3.75

  10. George Foreman: 3.86