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Home » Errol Spence Jr. talks car accident, reveals why he chose Danny Garcia

Errol Spence Jr. talks car accident, reveals why he chose Danny Garcia

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Errol Spence Jr. has discussed his forthcoming clash with Danny Garica and touched on his thoughts in the aftermath of a shocking car accident.

‘The Truth’ takes to the ring for the first time on December 5, over a year on from luckily escaping his smashed-up Ferrari Spider.

Spence meets Garcia in defense of the unified welterweight belts he won against Shawn Porter just before the crash.

Errol Spence Jr. talks car accident

“There was a lot of uncertainty after my accident, but I knew that I wanted to keep training and make sure that I’m 100% ready to get into the ring,” said Spence.

The doctors gave me the okay and said everything was fine, so I was ready to go.

“It’s a blessing to have my son born during training camp. Seeing his face pushes me to work harder. Along with my two daughters, I want to give all of them a great future. The only way I can do that is by training hard, staying focused, and getting this victory on December 5.

“I want to make an impactful statement. I guarantee there are going to be highlighted everywhere from this one. It’s going to be a great performance.

“My message to the rest of the division is, line ’em up. Everyone knows who to talk to. All the other top welterweights, anyone else in my way, can come and try to get it.”

Errol Spence Jr crash

On why he chose to go straight into a battle with Garcia, Spence added: “I picked Danny Garcia so that I could rise to the occasion.

“I’m still the top dog in the division. Fighting Danny will show how great a fighter I am.

“Danny’s dad gets me hyped up talking about his son coming forward, throwing a lot of punches and taking the belts from me. So I’ll be ready for whatever Danny brings to the ring.

“I’m not going to get into any head games like with Shawn Porter. I fought Shawn’s game and beat him at his own game.

“I know Angel wants me to stand there and brawl with Danny. But I’m going to do what I have to do to win the fight.

“I definitely learn more from Danny’s wins. He has a lot of great wins. You learn a lot from all different kinds of fights


“I’m a student of the game and a fan of the sport. All I do anyway is watch boxing. So I’m very familiar with Danny’s wins and losses.

“I’m the champ, and at the end of the day, I can fight. When it gets down to the wire, I know how to dig down deep and come out on top.

“It means everything to be fighting at home, especially with everyone going through the pandemic.

“I just want everyone who comes out to be safe and follow the protocols, and we’ll make it a great night,” concluded the American.

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