Floyd Mayweather opens up on why uncle Roger trained him, not Floyd Sr.

Floyd Mayweather has revealed why he was trained by uncle Roger and not by his father, Floyd Sr., for the majority of his career.

Mayweather went through the early stages of his boxing education in the shadow of Floyd Sr., But circumstances evolved to the point where young Floyd had to find another mentor.

Luckily enough, not only was his dad a famous world-class boxer, but his uncle Roger Mayweather was a world champion in his own right.

This made the transition seamless for a teenage ‘Pretty Boy’ after spending some time going it alone.

Upon winning his first world title in 1996, he then remained loyal to Roger when Floyd Sr. came back into his life later on.

Explaining the situation, Floyd says it was certainly nothing personal.

“It wasn’t really parting ways. That’s what people don’t know,” Mayweather told Club Shay Shay. “My dad left me at the age of 16 when he went to prison.

“I was on my own from 16 till 19. I was working by myself. Then I started working back with my uncle Roger. So it’s always been in the family.

Oscar De La Hoya Floyd Mayweather Sr.

“I would work with my dad and my uncle Roger. So it wasn’t like I was departing and leaving my father.

“I’m not the jealous type. My father was working with other fighters too. He was working with Oscar (De La Hoya), Chad Dawson, and other fighters.

“I was happy that my dad was able to make good money still.”

Roger sadly passed away earlier this year after suffering years of health problems. ‘The Black Mamba’ was a much-respected member of the boxing community.


As for Floyd Sr., he’s kept something of a low profile since the pandemic hit but still has plans to keep training up-and-coming contenders.

Whether Floyd Mayweather will call on his dad for potential bouts against a YouTuber and a Japanese superstar in 2021 remains to be seen.

At the age of 44 and on the cusp of becoming a grandfather, Mayweather is not done with the sport just yet.

Leaving the pro side of the sport at 50-0, we may yet see Floyd Mayweather on the exhibition circuit for a few more years.

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