Boxing Results – Nov 19: O’Shaquie Foster stops Miguel Roman

World Boxing News provides boxing results from November 19th as O’Shaquie Foster stopped Miguel Roman and more.

Los Angeles: CA US:

Super Feather O’Shaquie Foster (18-2) W KO 9 Miguel Roman (62-14).

Light William Zepeda (22-0) W KO 5 Roberto Ramirez (23-3-1).

Super Feather: Eduardo Hernandez (30-1) W KO 3 Eduardo Garza (15-3-1).

Foster vs. Roman

Notable win for Foster as he imposes himself on Roman beating the experienced Mexican on the inside and outside.

Great start for Foster as at just around the halfway mark in the opening round, he cracked Roman with a powerful straight right that had Roman stumbling and then dropping to his hands and knees. Roman got up the count of eight and then survived some Foster’s punishment to make it through the round.

Roman then went back to rolling forward, trying to get inside to work to the body. He failed as Foster used plenty of classy movement and fast, accurate counters to make Roman pay for every step.

When he did get inside, Roman did some good work to the body, but even inside, Foster’s hand speed gave him the edge. As Foster constantly switched guards, Roman was getting caught with punches from several different directions.

Roman had a good fifth as Foster chose to go toe-to-toe, allowing Roman to spend useful time inside, but when Foster went back to his boxing in the sixth, he was in charge again.


Roman has a great chin and relies on work rate and attrition to wear his opponents down. At 35 and 75 fights, those tactics were not working, but it looked as though Foster would have to settle for a points victory.

Early in the ninth, as Roman left himself wide-open, Foster hit him with a right and then a left hook, which dropped Roman on his back. Roman was up at six but looked unsteady.

When the action resumed, Foster trapped Roman on the ropes and unloaded punches until the referee stopped the fight. Foster retains the WBC Silver title with his eleventh victory by KO/TKO.

The 27-year-old “Ice Water” already has useful wins over Frank De Alba, Jon Fernandez, and Alberto Mercado and is No 8 with the WBC.

As Roman was No 6, Foster should be in line for a promotion. Roman is showing the effects of a long, grueling career.

He has had three shots at winning a world title, and this is only his fifth loss by KO/TKO, but the only way for him from here is down, which is a pity as I like him as a fighter, and he has the heart of a lion.

Zepeda vs. Ramirez

Zepeda breaks down and halts Ramirez in five rounds. Ramirez used his longer reach and good movement to outbox Zepeda in the first.

Zepeda upped the pressure in the second, and Ramirez did not have the punch to keep Zepeda at bay. He was getting past Ramirez’s jab and scoring with southpaw lefts, although Ramirez finished the round with a strong attack.

Zepeda was connecting with lefts throughout the third. Ramirez’s was starting to unravel as he was throwing wild and inaccurate punches and getting caught with counters.

Zepeda hounded Ramirez for the whole three minutes of the fourth, putting together some hurtful combinations, and Ramirez was reeling at the bell. Zepeda picked up where he left off in the fifth, driving Ramirez around the ropes.

Strangely it was Zepeda who lost his mouthguard, but when that was replaced, he drove Ramirez to a corner and was bombarding Ramirez with punches. And with Ramirez not punching back, the corner waived a towel to get the referee to stop the fight.

The 24-year-old Zepeda is on an impressive twelve-bout streak of inside-the-distance finishes but is not yet rated as his opposition has been very ordinary, but he is ready to step up.

Ramirez had his first fight for a year. He was competitive, probably edging the first two rounds, but then his lack of power let him down.

Hernandez vs. Garza

Hernandez blasts a gutsy Garza to defeat in three rounds. Some crunching left hooks from big puncher Hernandez quickly had Garza on the retreat, and Hernandez was ramming home strong lefts and rights as he dominated the first round with Garza already cut under the left eye from a punch.

Garza tried to take the fight to Hernandez in the second, but a couple of neck-snapping uppercuts had him backing off. Hernandez was putting together powerful combinations, and he rocked Garza with a series of punches at the bell. Garza was now cut under his right eye.

Hernandez staggered Garza with a right in the third, then Garza chose to try to punch with Hernandez.

He had some success but was eventually overpowered, and a ripping left hook to the body saw him drop to one knee, and he was counted out. Hernandez was 28-0 with 26 wins by KO/TKO before he was surprisingly stopped inside a round by Roger Gutierrez in July last year. He was close to a title fight before that loss and is still No 9 with the WBC but will now have to battle his way back into contention.

He turned pro at 16 and is still only 22, so he has plenty of time but needs to work on his defense. Garza was 9-0-1 going in, with his only loss being on points against future WBO title challenger Tramaine Williams, so he was a reasonable level opponent for Hernandez as he rebuilds.

San Carlos, Mexico:

Super Middle: Juan Jose Barajas (11-0-1) DREW 10 Gabriel Lopez (10-4-1).

The WBC Latino title remains vacant after Barajas and Lopez fight to a split draw. This was a lively fight as Barajas tried to use his much longer reach and 6’3” height to work at a distance, with Lopez rumbling forward pumping out hooks and uppercuts.

Barajas rocked Lopez with a left hook in the third. His accurate jabs had a swelling growing under the left eye of Lopez. Barajas continued to outscore Lopez, and the lump under the left eye of Lopez continued to grow.

However, Barajas was bleeding heavily from the mouth, so both were taking punishment. Barajas continued to pick up the points with his jab, but it looked as though he had a serious jaw injury.

The fight became untidy as they are both tired. Lopez was walking onto more and more punches but handing out plenty of stick himself to make it close, although Barajas looked the winner.

Scores 97-95 Barajas, 96-94 Lopez, and 95-95.

Disappointment for 24-year-old Californian Barajas who had scored wins over useful tests in Lanell Bellows and Fidel Hernandez.

Mexican Lopez had lost his last three, so he stops that from becoming a habit.