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‘Don’t EVER throw in the towel with Deontay Wilder!’

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Deontay Wilder has revealed a stipulation was given to his corner team to ensure the towel was never thrown in one of his fights.

The former World Boxing Council heavyweight champion has made the admission in the wake of firing Mark Breland.

Wilder removed the 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist from his ranks for breaking the most important rule during battle.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ was down more than once and in trouble against Tyson Fury back in February. But the one thing Wilder wanted to do was go out on his shield.

He even said that he’d rather get knocked out cold than be stopped by any member of his trusted squad.

This didn’t happen versus Fury and is the major reason Wilder has since singled out Breland for criticism.

Deontay Wilder Mark Breland

When appearing on ‘The Last Stand’ with Brian Custer recently, the 35-year-old explained his thinking.

“I’ve been preaching for five years. Don’t ever throw in the towel with Deontay Wilder,” he pointed out. “Deontay Wilder is never out until it’s over with because of my heart, and will, and the power I possess.

“And yes, I do feel like he was a part of it, and it’s not for me to explain to anyone. I said my peace. I let out my emotions, I said it, people can believe what they want.”

Previously, Wilder attributed quotes stating that his costume was too heavy despite weighing the same as his training vests.

Clearing up what was said, the Alabama Slammer outlined miscommunication was to blame for the story.

“They really overhead something in the dressing room,” said Wilder. “I’m not excusing the costume.

“The costume had a little weight on it. But it wasn’t enough to make me feel the way I felt in the ring. It wasn’t enough to not have my legs.”


That was down to his water, potentially being spiked, according to Wilder. Several reasons for the defeat are now out in the public domain.

Fury has since confirmed the pair will never fight again as mediation opens up in a bid to put the whole saga to bed finally.

Whether we actually see Fury vs. Wilder III in February 2021 rides on what happens in the coming weeks.

One thing is for sure. The demand still seems to be there.

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