‘I was told to headbutt him!’ – Floyd Mayweather victim admits dirty tactics

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Floyd Mayweather was so good that trainers once opposing him told a world champion fighter to use headbutt tactics in a Pay Per View fight.

In September 2011, Victor Ortiz held the WBC welterweight title following an exciting victory over Andre Berto the previous April.

‘Vicious’ Victor was then plucked out of the chasing pack for a high-profile collision with Mayweather.

The match-up was Mayweather’s return from a seventeen-month ‘retirement’ just before the pound for pound king signed a lucrative six-fight deal with Showtime.

It was clear Ortiz wasn’t in Mayweather’s league from the first bell, and dirty moves began evolving over the first few rounds.

In the fourth, Ortiz was penalized for a headbutt by referee Joe ‘I’m firm, but I’m fair’ Cortez, who then witnessed one of the weirdest endings to a Mayweather fight.

As Ortiz tried to apologize to Mayweather for the foul, ‘Money’ let him have it with a huge shot, and the champion never made the count.

Hailed the new ruler at 147, the victory was never questioned by officials despite fans seeing obvious wrongdoing on both sides.

Floyd Mayweather Victor Ortiz
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Speaking to the AHAT YouTube channel, Ortiz was asked about the strangest fights he’s refereed. Immediately, the Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz clash came to mind.

“Well, I know everybody thinking about that Victor Ortiz vs. Floyd Mayweather. The one where Victor Ortiz head-butted Mayweather,” said Cortez.

“I cut about two points for him. He hugged him and said: ‘I’m sorry.’ Then he kissed him one time. He said: ‘I’m sorry.’ Then he kissed him and hugged him the second time.

“I said, ‘alright, two points deducted’ to the judges. I then called time with the timekeeper. And he again went to touch gloves with Floyd Mayweather.

“Floyd Mayweather saw that I gave time in. He said: ‘hell no.’ He hit him with a left. Then he hit him with a right. He knocked him out,” he explained.

Cortez then revealed that Ortiz made an admission years later of discussions with his team before facing Mayweather.

“Every time I see him, he (Ortiz) says, ‘Joe man, I apologize on that.’ I’m like, ‘forget about it, brother.’

“He said: ‘my trainers told me to headbutt Mayweather, I got rid of all those guys.’ Then he said: ‘I never dealt with those guys again.’

“He said, ‘They got me in trouble that night, it’s not your fault Joe. It’s my own fault, and they told me to use that dirty tactic and you know.”


On his decision to let the finish go, Cortez concluded: “I could have done something a little different.

“I could have kept them apart further. Maybe I could have got right in between them, had them touch gloves. I could have little things a little different, you know.”

Since the interview earlier this month, Cortez has contracted coronavirus and is fighting the virus at 75.

WBN would like to wish Joe a speedy and full recovery.

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