Dave Coldwell ready to take risks to push Jordan Gill to world honors

📷 Mark Robinson.

Dave Coldwell’s Rotherham gym is still thriving despite the uncertainty currently gripping the boxing world during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Jordan Gill, Coldwell’s featherweight contender, is a fighter desperate to push on and after earning an excellent win over Reece Bellotti at Matchroom’s Fight Camp in the summer, Coldwell insists that his talented charge is ready to move up a level.

“Jordan is more than ready to push on,” declared Coldwell. “There was the opportunity to stay at British level and contest the Lonsdale belt with Reece Mould, but I think he’s been at domestic class too long with some good wins so I want him to move up a level now.

“There’s a lot of opportunities around European level and fringe world class that I’ve explored so I’m hoping that Jordan gets a chance to show the world what he’s capable of because he’s such a talent.

“He’s now beaten Jason Cunningham, Ryan Doyle and Reece Bellotti so he wants to move on from domestic level and aim higher.”

Coldwell added, “In this current climate with the sport of boxing facing many problems, Jordan will maybe fight twice or three times a year.

“He’s at a point in his career where the warmup fights or tick over fights are no longer on the table. Every fight has to have kind of significance attached.

” I want him to go all the way in this sport and the way things are at the moment, we’ll have to take some risks to get him there.”