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Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story charts the rise of an all-time boxing great

Three-time champion Lennox Lewis is the last man to claim the undisputed world heavyweight title. A holy grail for any contender worth their salt.

His new film, ‘The Untold Story,’ addresses Lewis’s challenges on his rise to becoming one of the greatest top division campaigners of all time.

In the movie, released on DVD today, Lewis discusses his infamous run-in with Mike Tyson before settling their long-time feud.

Tyson was on a mission to disrupt the mentality of Lewis but failed miserably. Lewis was always an astute character when it came to his approach and was too cool, calm, and collected to get flustered by ‘The Baddest Man.’


Fans get a real insight into the mindset of Lewis, who, at his best, seemed an unbeatable force inside those ropes.

Losing twice during his career, ‘The Pugilist Specialist’ gained revenge on both occasions. Retiring as the first 200 pounds plus fighter since Rocky Marciano, who defeated every man he ever faced.

Getting back to his defining night, Lewis vs. Tyson was a dual production between Showtime and HBO in an unprecedented event.

It laid the blueprint for what was to come between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao thirteen years later.

Boxing fans around the world held their breath as two juggernauts of the sport locked horns in heated debates all the way to the ring.

Even the press conference was a worldwide happening that eventually saw Tyson tip over the edge.

A biting incident is addressed during the movie as Lewis’s friend Courtney Shand picks up the story.

“The moment we got together for the press conference, there was so much tension,” said Shand. “I remember when we got to New York. The night before the press conference he said: ‘If Mike makes one move for me forget about all the money, I’m not backing down from him. I’m not backing up from him.’”


Lewis then added that Tyson did indeed attempt to munch on his leg.

“All of a sudden, I’ve seen him take his hat off, throw it on the ground and start marching towards me.

“Boom. I was on it. The first three punches were mine. The first bite was his.”

Taking out Tyson is the stoppage most remember from Lewis’s long career, but those who followed him closely will know the 55-year-old had the ability to beat anyone on his day.

Lennox Lewis Evander Holyfield


Evander Holyfield was beaten twice if you take the controversial draw into account. And while Lewis suffered knockouts, he showed poise and restraint until he got his revenge.

Calls for a knighthood to be handed down to Lewis continue to gather pace for a world-class champion who dominated the division during his era.

Lennox: The Untold Story is available On Demand now. DVD and digital platforms from today.