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Home » Christopher Lovejoy ridiculed for ‘bikini pants’ Tyson Fury call out

Christopher Lovejoy ridiculed for ‘bikini pants’ Tyson Fury call out

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Despite being long odds with UK bookmakers to defeat the retiring Dave Allen last month, undefeated heavyweight Christopher Lovejoy is milking his new spotlight.

Breaking out into the British market after signing on to fight Allen and being pulled out at the last minute, Lovejoy has since been vocal on social media.

In one of his latest outbursts, ‘One Shot’ called out World Boxing Council and lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Lovejoy, who has 19 victories and 19 knockouts in a career solely fought in Mexico against opponents with losing records, made a bold move on his channels.

The WBA-ranked puncher even threw in an insult to Fury for good measure.

Beginning his rant by focusing on the fractions of 1/6 Allen was to defeat him, Lovejoy said: “I’ve scared them out of fights before. But this tops all those.

“Don’t nobody want it, nobody! The day they get my release (from Don King’s contract), strange things happen.

“The day I do a media workout, odds change (only slightly). When they realize I’m about to break the bank with the whole USA betting on me.

“And realize with this win I take over boxing. Then the fight is off. So who really came to fight? – I’m just saying.”

Christopher Lovejoy Tyson Fury

“And you better not say a word – ‘bikini pants,'” added the American turning his attention to Fury.

“You already know what’s up. Yeah, exactly. See you soon, man. Paperwork cleared!

“Let’s get back to business Tyson Fury. I will take over the UK overnight. I’m pulling up.”


Reacting to Allen’s shock retirement earlier in the day, Lovejoy has stated: “Shout out to Dave Allen. Gutted you leaving.

“You made me famous over there. Enjoy life and family. See y’all soon.”

He concluded: “You still number two in the world behind me, champ. All love. Best of luck, my guy. See you soon, bro.”

In response to Lovejoy, fans questioned his motives after being pitched in with Allen to see just how good his deceptive record was.

While one fan predicted an easy first-round stoppage for Fury, another told the kids to ‘Stay off drugs’ when referencing Lovejoy’s words.

At present, Lovejoy is a world away from getting anywhere near ‘The Gypsy King’ and is merely enjoying some spotlight due to everyone questioning his victories.

Needing any victory over a top operator even to justify his rating, Lovejoy has a lot to prove before he can even think about a world title.

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