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Can Tommy Fury follow brother Tyson and become a world champion?

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Undefeated boxer Tommy Fury has come out swinging by insisting that he is a fighting man and not a reality TV star.

The former Love Island contestant who finished as runner up with girlfriend Molly Mae-Hague in the 2019 series has got his work cut out for him as he tries to change his image from socialite to boxing warrior must be that a task will prove extraordinarily difficult until he registers some legitimate victories on his CV. Until now, Fury has fought sacrificial lambs who are always offered to make sure a promising name in the industry isn’t foiled before the big time.

Now, one doesn’t want to be too damning about Fury’s opponents so far, given that every boxer who has ever made it has also been asked to fight similar lame-duck opponents.

With that being said, Fury’s first-ever opponent, Jevgenijs Andrejevs, has a boxing record that reads 125 bouts and 112 defeats. Of course, Fury managed to beat Andrejevs, but only on points, perhaps not as convincing as many thought it would be. After that, Callum Ide, who BT commentator John Rawling described as being a ‘serial loser’ only moments before Fury knocked him out in the first round.

Fury recorded his most recent win following his victory against Przemyslaw Binienda, who has fought 30 times and lost on 28 occasions. Binienda made no effort at all to defend himself adequately which gave the referee no other option but to stop the fight in the first round. It’s easy to see why punters felt a bit short-changed after that fight as the Pole looked happy to surrender from the first bell and pick up a paycheck rather than put up a fight. 

Tommy followed that up by knocking out the hapless Genadij Krajevskij (0-12) on Friday night.

You can’t help but feel that these journeymen who are called on to fight upcoming boxers don’t genuinely believe that they are good enough to win, and the spectacle that follows borders on pathetic. With this in mind, it’s hard to say whether Fury has a world-class future in the sport. There is a school of thought that says you can only beat what’s in front of you, and to be fair to Fury, the majority of his victories have been comprehensive. 


It also should be said that Fury has arguably the best physique in the boxing world and an extraordinarily long reach that wouldn’t look out of place in the heavyweight division. Currently, Fury fights in the light-heavyweight division. Indeed, Fury’s freakishly long levers make him an awkward opponent and are the reason that a growing number of people think he may have what it takes to forge a successful career. 

Perhaps the most compelling reason to suspect that Fury has what it takes is that he hails from boxing royalty. His brother Tyson is the current WBC champion after beating Deontay Wilder and looks on course to unify the division with a win over Anthony Joshua next year. That is at least the expert’s opinion after weighing up all the evidence for predicting a result. Indeed, a closer look at how to bet online will provide you with information on the key factors to make your own judgment while also providing advice on the various markets available, as well as different betting styles.

Now, if you’re the brother of a man who is the heavyweight champion of the world, the obvious assumption is that you can probably also box a bit. We shouldn’t have to wait that much longer to determine whether Tommy Fury is willing to devote his life to boxing. There will be a few more sacrificial lambs, but the time is coming where he will have to fight far superior opposition.