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Home » ‘I don’t want to get punched anymore’ – Dave Allen, 28, in shock retirement

‘I don’t want to get punched anymore’ – Dave Allen, 28, in shock retirement

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British heavyweight Dave Allen has announced his shock retirement at 28 just weeks after the collapse of a Pay Per View fight with Christopher Lovejoy.

The pair were due to fight on the undercard of Oleksandr Usyk vs. Derek Chisora until it was revealed Lovejoy was still under contract with Don King.

Lovejoy subsequently flew back to the United States, and Allen was forced off the card.

‘Papi De La PPV’ then had time to contemplate his next move and has decided that boxing is no longer for him.

The Yorkshireman released a heartfelt statement on Sunday.

“Hello everyone, I hoped I would never have to write this message, never mind at 28 with my last fight being when I was 27 years old.

“But I made the decision a few nights ago with my sister that I would no longer from that moment on be a professional fighter.

“Boxing has given me a life I could never have dreamed of. I had never been out of Doncaster but for school trips, till I started boxing.

“It’s taken me around the world from New York City to working men’s club all around the UK.

Council house

“As well as seeing the world it has taken me from the kid brought up in a council house with yellow doors wearing Umbro. I’m now a man who still wears Umbro but owns a few houses and who has given myself a chance to give my future kids a life I could only have dreamed of.

“On top of and more importantly, I have made the greatest friends, some of them being my childhood heroes. The list of thanks would be far too long, but I hope everyone knows who they are and know they are appreciated.

“Lastly, the reason for me calling it a day is simple. I don’t want to get punched anymore. Long gone are the days of the kid from Donny who wants to fight.

“All I want now is a nice quiet life with a wife and some kids. Healthy and happy getting nice and fat,” he concluded.

Dave Allen retires heavyweight


Given the fact Dave Allen used social media and has had problems with the platform and mental health in the past, his fans will hope this decision will be reversed.

But when any fighter no longer wants to be punched, then that’s a big problem for Allen.

Whether promoter Eddie Hearn knew of the decision or not also remains to be seen. We expect more to develop.

Whatever is the outcome, WBN wishes Dave Allen well with whatever is next.